Dy­n­a­mic or e­le­gant - Ma­z­da3 of­fers the c­hoi­ce

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The all-new Ma­z­da3 ma­de its wor­ld pre­mie­re last week at the 2018 Los An­ge­les Au­to S­how.

The ful­ly re­de­sig­ned mo­del will be rol­led out to glo­bal mar­kets e­ar­ly in 2019 and the Sout­hern A­fri­can mar­ket can ex­pect the new mo­del in the se­cond half of 2019.

The new Ma­z­da3 a­dopts a de­sign that em­bo­dies the es­sen­ce of Ja­pa­ne­se a­est­he­ti­cs. The com­pa­ny sta­ted that whi­le the o­ver­all de­sign pre­sents a sim­ple single form, sub­t­le va­ri­a­ti­ons bring the sty­ling to li­fe through shif­ting lig­ht and re­flecti­ons on the body sur­fa­ce.

Despi­te sharing the Ma­z­da3 na­me, the ha­t­chback and se­dan mo­dels ha­ve dis­tinct per­so­na­li­ties - the de­sign of the ha­t­chback is dy­n­a­mic and that of the se­dan e­le­gant.

The new Ma­z­da3 a­dopts Ma­z­da’s new SKYACTIV ve­hi­cle ar­chi­tec­tu­re, de­sig­ned to e­na­ble pe­op­le to ma­ke the most of t­heir na­tu­ral sen­se of ba­lan­ce. The po­wer­train li­neup com­pri­ses the la­test SKYACTIV-X, SKYACTIV-G and SKYACTIV-D en­gi­nes, e­ach of which pro­vi­des smooth, re­spon­si­ve thrott­le con­t­rol in any d­ri­ving si­tu­a­ti­on.

Ba­sed on its key phi­losop­hy of de­sig­ning the car a­round the hu­man being, Ma­z­da has en­han­ced the car’s fun­da­men­tal d­ri­ving at­tri­bu­tes to ma­ke acce­le­ra­ting, tur­ning and bra­king feel com­ple­te­ly na­tu­ral.

The Ma­z­da3 is a glo­bal mo­del that has dri­ven the com­pa­ny’s gro­wth from a brand and bu­si­ness per­specti­ve. It has been a main­stay of glo­bal pro­ducti­on at key plants.

“The all-new Ma­z­da3 we un­vei­led be­gins a new era for Ma­z­da,” said A­ki­ra Ma­ru­mo­to, Ma­z­da’s pre­si­dent and CEO. “The next ge­ne­ra­ti­on of Ma­z­da cars will en­han­ce the va­lue of the car-o­w­ners­hip ex­pe­rien­ce. Through the­se pro­ducts, we will furt­her rai­se Ma­z­da’s brand va­lue and work to­wards our go­al of buil­ding e­ver stron­ger bonds with cu­s­to­mers all o­ver the wor­ld.”

The 2018 Los An­ge­les Au­to S­how is o­pen to the pu­blic until 9 De­cem­ber.

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