New Lexus ES of­fers a ma­gic car­pet ri­de

The new Lexus pro­mi­ses a dri­ve as smooth as silk – thanks to en­gi­neer­ing in­no­va­ti­on.

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The Lexus ES is set­ting a new ben­ch­mark in smooth and re­fi­ned d­ri­ving thanks to a de­tailed and in­no­va­ti­ve ap­pro­ach to sus­pen­si­on de­sign and pack­a­ging.

The all-new mo­del was laun­ched in Oc­to­ber. Fol­lo­wers of the brand will be de­lig­h­ted to le­arn that it can be seen and ex­pe­rien­ced for re­al at Lexus Ge­or­ge.

Sin­ce its in­tro­ducti­on at the pre­mi­ses of Half­way Toyo­ta Ge­or­ge, the de­a­lers­hip has ex­cel­led in terms of cu­s­to­mer and ser­vi­ce sa­tis­facti­on.

In the ES mo­del, Lexus in­tro­du­ced a new shock ab­sor­ber with a wor­ld-first ul­tra-low velo­ci­ty val­ve. T­his in­no­va­ti­on ma­kes su­re an ap­pro­pri­a­te dam­ping for­ce is pro­vi­ded w­hen the s­lig­h­test mo­vement is ex­pe­rien­ced in the car’s w­heels and sus­pen­si­on, se­cu­ring a com­for­ta­ble and un­ruf­fled ri­de with a sta­ble feel. T­his ap­plies e­ven w­hen pul­ling a­way slo­w­ly, or d­ri­ving at speed on the highway.

The ES’s shock ab­sor­bers ha­ve an ad­di­ti­o­nal ul­tra-low velo­ci­ty val­ve, which al­lows for very low oil speed o­pe­ra­ti­on. At low to high oil speeds, the main val­ve o­pens to sup­press the dam­ping for­ce, gi­ving sup­ple ri­de com­fort.

De­li­ve­ring su­pe­ri­or stan­dards of hand­ling sta­bi­li­ty and ri­de com­fort is a big chal­len­ge, but Lexus was re­a­dy to meet t­his by dra­wing up a new dou­ble wishbo­ne re­ar sus­pen­si­on de­sign. The sy­stem’s trai­ling arms ha­ve been lo­ca­ted with pin­point accu­ra­cy to gi­ve the set-up the ri­gi­di­ty it needs to en­s­u­re true, li­ne­ar s­teer­ing re­spon­se to the dri­ver’s use of the w­heel and ex­cel­lent hand­ling sta­bi­li­ty.

Much of the tes­ting to e­va­lu­a­te the new ES’s ri­de and hand­ling was do­ne on win­ding rou­tes as well as ur­ban streets with rough sur­fa­ces. Furt­her tes­ting was car­ried out on track, in­clu­ding at the fa­mous N­ü­r­bur­gring, and in Ca­li­for­nia.

W­hen Lexus’s en­gi­neers de­ter­mi­ned the op­ti­mum sus­pen­si­on per­for­man­ce, they al­so took ca­re to pro­du­ce a de­sign that doe­sn’t com­pro­mi­se the si­ze or con­ve­nient s­ha­pe of the boot. To t­his end, they pla­ced the shock ab­sor­bers clo­ser to the back of the re­ar se­ats and moun­ted them se­pa­ra­te­ly from the coil springs.

The all-new Lexus is a­vai­la­ble in two mo­del gra­des; ES 250 EX and ES 300h SE. The ES 250 EX re­tails for R593 300 and the ES 300h SE mo­del for R843 800.

Both mo­dels co­me s­tan­dard with a be­st-in­class, se­ven y­e­ar or 105 000km war­ran­ty and full main­te­nan­ce plan.

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