The Dark La­bel ad­ded to the A­ma­rok sta­ble

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Volks­wa­gen has ad­ded a spe­ci­al e­di­ti­on A­ma­rok - the Dark La­bel. T­his fol­lows on the success­ful i­ni­ti­al sa­les of mo­re than

30 000 A­ma­roks in

South A­fri­ca sin­ce its launch in 2010.


On the out­si­de, the spe­ci­al e­di­ti­on Dark La­bel dis­tin­guis­hes it­self through a lo­cal­ly sour­ced MAXE matt black sty­ling bar with “A­ma­rok” let­te­ring. T­he­re are al­so door hand­les and ex­te­ri­or mir­rors in matt black, a matt black high­lig­ht front pro­tecti­on g­ril­le with dark chro­me la­c­que­red led­ges, tin­ted re­ar win­dows, blac­ked-out B-pil­lars, black si­de sills, “Dark La­bel” sig­na­tu­re film on the si­des, smo­ked tail­lig­hts and new 18” Raw­son al­loy w­heels.

In­si­de the A­ma­rok Dark La­bel, the new black “Gr­een­hou­se” he­ad­li­ning, Vien­na le­at­her se­ats, chro­me air vent bor­ders and floor mats em­broi­de­red with “Dark La­bel” let­te­ring con­ti­nue the de­sign the­me of t­his spe­ci­al e­di­ti­on mo­del.

Functi­o­nal and s­tan­dard fe­a­tu­res of the A­ma­rok Dark La­bel in­clu­de bi-xe­non he­ad­lig­hts with LED day­ti­me run­ning lig­hts, front and re­ar park dis­tan­ce con­t­rol, ty­re pres­su­re mo­ni­tor, “Plus” mul­ti-functi­on on­bo­ard com­pu­ter, “Com­po­si­ti­on Me­dia” in­fo­tai­n­ment sy­stem, app-con­nect with voi­ce con­t­rol and a mul­ti-functi­on s­teer­ing w­heel.


A com­pre­hen­si­ve list of sa­fe­ty e­quip­ment co­mes as s­tan­dard, in­clu­ding on- and off-ro­ad e­lec­tro­nic sta­bi­li­sa­ti­on pro­gram­me (ESP) and Volks­wa­gen’s a­ward-win­ning Au­to­ma­tic Post-Col­li­si­on Bra­king Sy­stem which can re­du­ce the chan­ce or se­ve­ri­ty of a se­con­da­ry ac­ci­dent in the e­vent of a col­li­si­on.

Ad­di­ti­o­nal­ly, the A­ma­rok Dark La­bel can be cu­s­to­mi­sed with op­ti­o­nal fe­a­tu­res in­clu­ding se­at he­a­ting (win­ter packa­ge), in­cre­a­sed GVM / he­a­vy du­ty sus­pen­si­on, re­ar view ca­me­ra, cli­ma­tro­nic air-con­di­ti­o­ning, |Dis­co­ver Me­dia| in­fo­tai­n­ment sy­stem (in­clu­ding Sat­nav) as well as rub­ber floor co­ve­ring for the cab and pas­sen­ger com­part­ment. With a length of 5,25m and a width of 2,23m in­clu­ding the mir­rors, the A­ma­rok bo­as­ts an ag­gres­si­ve stan­ce and e­ver­y­thing that could be ex­pected from a rug­ged bak­kie. The spa­ci­ous lo­a­ding a­rea of the A­ma­rok Dark La­bel is wi­de e­nough to ac­com­mo­da­te a Eu­ro pal­let pla­ced si­de­ways. Un­der the skin, the A­ma­rok’s po­wer­hou­se is the tried and tes­ted 2,0 BiTDi en­gi­ne which ge­ne­ra­tes 132kW from 4 000r/m and 420Nm of tor­que from 1 500 to 2 000r/m. The en­gi­ne is pai­red with a class-le­a­ding 8-speed au­to­ma­tic trans­mis­si­on and per­ma­nent 4MOTION four-w­heel dri­ve sy­stem. The A­ma­rok Dark La­bel com­ple­tes the ze­ro to 100km sprint in 11,3 se­conds and has a top speed of 179km. It has an of­fi­ci­al a­vera­ge fu­el con­sump­ti­on fi­gu­re of 8,5 lit­res per 100km. The A­ma­rok Dark La­bel has a fu­el tank ca­pa­ci­ty of 80 lit­res. P­ri­cing in­clu­des VAT and e­mis­si­ons tax: A­ma­rok Dark La­bel 2,0 BiTDI 132kW 4MOTION, Au­to - R674 600. The vehi­cle co­mes s­tan­dard with a three y­e­ar or 100 000km ma­nu­fac­tu­rer war­ran­ty, a fi­ve y­e­ar or 90 000km Gen­ui­ne Au­to­mo­ti­on ser­vi­ce plan and a six y­e­ar an­ti-cor­ro­si­on war­ran­ty. The ser­vi­ce in­ter­vals are at 15 000km.

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