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Last y­e­ar's Le­af o­ver­haul not on­ly de­li­ver­ed a hu­ge ran­ge bump, mo­re po­wer and mo­re tor­que, but it al­so ca­me wrap­ped in a much less a­w­kward bo­dy sty­le than the vehi­cle that pre­ce­ded it.

Nis­san tre­a­ted the wor­ld's be­st-sel­ling e­lec­tric car to a spor­ty ma­ke­o­ver in Ju­ly and has now re­vea­led a po­wer­ful track va­ri­ant the Nis­mo RC.

Nis­san's mo­tor sport di­vi­si­on has in­ten­si­fied po­wer and tor­que out­put, whi­le tre­a­ting the new all-w­heel dri­ve RC to an ag­gres­si­ve re­sty­ling.

"The all-new Le­af Nis­mo RC shows how we're set­ting our sig­hts e­ven hig­her w­hen it co­mes to raw po­wer and per­for­man­ce ma­king e­lec­tric vehi­cles e­ven mo­re ex­ci­ting for cu­s­to­mers," said Da­nie­le S­chil­la­ci, he­ad of glo­bal sa­les at Nis­san. "It's our most thril­ling ex­pres­si­on yet of the phi­losop­hy of Nis­san In­tel­li­gent Mo­bi­li­ty."

At e­ach end of the car's chas­sis is an e­lec­tric mo­tor, which com­bi­nes to pro­du­ce 240kW and 640Nm of in­stant tor­que to the w­heels. That's mo­re than dou­ble the fi­gu­res of the first Le­af Nis­mo RC in 2011. T­his al­lows for a stand­still to 100km sprint in 3,4 se­conds.

So­me dri­vet­rain techno­lo­gy from the Le­af ro­ad car has ma­de its way to the RC, in­clu­ding the bat­te­ries po­si­ti­o­ned in the midd­le of the car for op­ti­mum weig­ht dis­tri­bu­ti­on and the in­ver­ters that sit with the mo­tors to the front and re­ar. Nis­san says that po­wer is in­de­pen­dent­ly ma­na­ged at e­ach ax­le so that the ty­re with the most grip on the tar­mac can be sup­p­lied with in­stant tor­que.

The RC has been gi­ven a sil­ver and black paint job with red accen­ting. It me­a­su­res 4 546mm in length and crou­ches low at 1 212mm from roof to tar­mac. A full car­bon fi­b­re ra­cing mo­no­co­que de­sign me­ans that the car's weig­ht co­mes in at just 1 220kg. The bo­dy has re­mo­va­ble front and re­ar secti­ons and an ad­jus­ta­ble re­ar wing.

The Le­af Nis­mo RC ma­de its track de­but in e­ar­ly De­cem­ber at the Fu­ji In­ter­na­ti­o­nal S­peedway for the an­nu­al Nis­mo Fe­s­ti­val, to­get­her with Nis­san's new For­mu­la E e­lec­tric ra­ce car. On­ly six Le­af Nis­mo RC cars are sche­du­led for pro­ducti­on. T­hey will be sent a­round the wor­ld as de­mon­stra­ti­on mo­dels for Nis­san e­lec­tric vehi­cle ra­cing techno­lo­gy.

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