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If tra­vel­ling for the ho­li­days, you can ma­ke su­re you don't find your­self stuck in the midd­le of no­w­he­re. Ri­chard G­reen, di­rec­tor of the South A­fri­can Mo­tor Bo­dy Re­pai­rers' As­so­ci­a­ti­on (Sam­bra), a con­sti­tu­ent as­so­ci­a­ti­on of the Re­tail Mo­tor In­du­stry As­so­ci­a­ti­on (RMI), ga­ve fi­ve short tips to keep in mind:

K­now your rou­te

Google the rou­te you in­tend tra­vel­ling and the dis­tan­ces be­t­ween towns be­fo­re le­a­ving. T­his helps you plan so that you can stop at fa­mi­li­ar pla­ces for a top-up. If you are dri­ving on a gol­den ol­die rou­te, check if the ser­vi­ce sta­ti­ons on rou­te ha­ve works­hops.

P­ho­ne num­bers

Ha­ve the p­ho­ne num­bers of your in­su­rer and mo­tor de­a­ler han­dy. Your de­a­ler and your in­su­rer will ha­ve sold you sal­va­ge ser­vi­ces within your sa­les and in­su­ran­ce con­tract and t­hey ha­ve ser­vi­ce pro­vi­ders in al­most e­very small town a­round the coun­try.

S­pa­re and jack

Check that your s­pa­re w­heel is pre­sent, cor­rect and pro­per­ly in­fla­ted. Ma­ke su­re you ha­ve the jack and ot­her tools e­a­si­ly acces­si­ble.


W­he­re are your s­pa­re keys? If t­hey are not with you, ma­ke su­re t­hey are re­a­di­ly a­vai­la­ble.

A few ex­tras

If you in­tend going off the be­a­ten track at all, pack so­me "I won't need that" stuff. A few ca­ble ties, a stur­dy ro­pe, bat­te­ry char­ger ca­bles, wa­ter and a s­pa­re fan belt would be worth con­si­de­ring.

G­reen says to re­mem­ber that the ho­li­day se­a­son is the ti­me w­hen op­por­tu­nis­tic cri­mi­nals lie in wait. Ma­ke su­re the car's locking sy­stem works and that bags con­tai­ning va­lu­a­bles are hid­den. If ne­ces­sa­ry, car­ry the­se bags with you w­hen get­ting out of the car.

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