Toyo­ta P­ri­us gets a ma­ke­o­ver for 2019

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The new 2019 Toyo­ta P­ri­us ma­de its de­but at the LA Au­to S­how at the be­gin­ning of De­cem­ber, mar­king furt­her ad­van­ces in the dri­ving ca­pa­bi­li­ty and ap­pe­al of the wor­ld's most po­pu­lar self­char­ging hy­brid car.

Sin­ce the launch of the o­ri­gi­nal in 1997, P­ri­us has been a le­a­der in techni­cal in­no­va­ti­on in sel­ling well o­ver 12 mil­li­on of the­se hy­brid cars. The P­ri­us has con­sis­tent­ly been the pi­o­neer in pro­gress re­gar­ding ef­fi­cien­cy, re­fi­ne­ment and dri­ving ple­a­su­re through four ge­ne­ra­ti­ons, in­tro­du­cing new techno­lo­gy throug­hout.

The new P­ri­us is the first Toyo­ta to be­ne­fit from Hy­brid AWD-i, an in­tel­li­gent e­lec­tric all-w­heel dri­ve sy­stem that pro­vi­des mo­re su­re-foo­t­ed hand­ling and pe­a­ce-of-mind dri­ving. The smart sy­stem u­ses a high tor­que e­lec­tric mo­tor to pro­vi­de ex­tra dri­ve through the re­ar ax­le w­hen re­qui­red. It is en­gi­nee­red to enga­ge au­to­ma­ti­cal­ly w­hen pul­ling a­way, at speeds up to 11km/h and w­hen sen­sors de­tect low-grip con­di­ti­ons, such as in snow or on wet ro­ad sur­fa­ces, at speeds from 11km to 70km.

The AWD-i mo­del fe­a­tu­res a com­pact nic­kel-me­tal hydri­de bat­te­ry de­sig­ned for ex­cel­lent cold-we­at­her per­for­man­ce. The front-w­heel dri­ve P­ri­us is e­quip­ped with a li­thi­um-ion bat­te­ry.

The new 2019 Toyo­ta P­ri­us will ma­ke its lo­cal ap­pea­ran­ce in the first quar­ter of 2019. Lo­cal spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­on and AWD-i a­vai­la­bi­li­ty will be con­fir­med clo­ser to the launch.

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