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The fun part about work­ing from home is that you can dec­o­rate your of­fice area any way you like. Hang some in­spi­ra­tional art­work on the walls, choose cool desk decor, and paint the walls a stim­u­lat­ing (or re­lax­ing) colour.

Some top tips on how to dec­o­rate a home of­fice:


One tip beats them all when it comes to dec­o­rat­ing a home of­fice - stay or­gan­ised. Too of­ten you will have piles of pa­per­work left on your desk and re­minder stick­ynotes at­tached to your pin­board that make the room (and your mind) feel clut­tered and dis­or­gan­ised. You can or­gan­ise the pa­per chaos by buy­ing file or­gan­is­ers, in­stalling ex­tra shelv­ing in the room and us­ing stor­age bins to keep im­por­tant doc­u­ments in or­der, neat and tidy. If there is not enough space for free-stand­ing stor­age, in­vest in some float­ing wall shelves for the files and wall-mounted cab­i­nets for the sta­tionery. You can keep the room sleek and mod­ern with­out the clutter by us­ing cre­ative stor­age and or­gan­i­sa­tion op­tions.

In­spir­ing space

A home of­fice is not the same as a 'real' of­fice. You have the free­dom to be more cre­ative and bold with your decor choices, but you need to be sure that what­ever you choose will in­spire you and make you want to work.

For ex­am­ple, you could cre­ate an ac­cent wall and hang your favourite wall art or posters with in­spi­ra­tional say­ings on it. You could cre­ate a project board and hang it on one side of the room. This will give you a vis­ual rep­re­sen­ta­tion of your past, cur­rent and fu­ture projects, which in turn will in­spire you to work hard and reach the goals listed in the projects you see every day.

Think ver­ti­cally

Small of­fice spa­ces of­ten lack stor­age room. This is why you should think ver­ti­cally when it comes to shelv­ing and stor­age, al­low­ing you to free up floor space and store im­por­tant doc­u­ments with ease. You can hang float­ing shelves and in­stall cab­i­nets on your walls, or hang wall art at just the right height to see it and be in­spired when you look up.

Open cab­i­nets are a great idea, as they al­low you to place stor­age bins, a glass ta­ble lamp or two as well as files and doc­u­ments in easy-to-reach places while still look­ing at­trac­tive. Be sure to paint the shelves in the same colour as the wall so they ap­pear to be float­ing, as this can make your room look lighter and airier.

Paint the walls in a colour you love

Your home of­fice is just that - yours, so you will need to en­sure that the walls are painted in a colour that you love. This can be any­thing from dark pur­ple to light teal, or you could stick with a neu­tral colour scheme and add pops of your favourite colour to the area or room. If you can­not de­cide on one colour, look for one that in­spires you. Some peo­ple need bright, vi­brant colours in their of­fice to mo­ti­vate them, such as or­anges or reds, while oth­ers pre­fer more calm­ing colours such as blues and greens. Choose some­thing that you can look at all day dur­ing your work­ing hours as colours can have a sig­nif­i­cant ef­fect on your mood.

Keep it sim­ple

You might be work­ing from home, but make sure that you do not clutter your of­fice with decor, fur­nish­ings and doc­u­ments. It is, af­ter all, the space you will be work­ing in, so it needs to be sim­ple and not dis­tract­ing. Start by look­ing for or­gan­i­sa­tion tools and stor­age, then move on to paint­ing the walls and hang­ing art that in­spires you.

A glass ta­ble lamp, wood ta­ble lamps or ce­ment ta­ble lamps can bring in vis­ual in­ter­est and brightly coloured ac­ces­sories, such as glass or­na­ments on the shelv­ing, can make the room feel truly spe­cial.

In­tro­duc­ing too many dec­o­ra­tive el­e­ments will clutter the space, make it feel smaller and could dis­tract you from im­por­tant tasks. You do not have to go com­pletely min­i­mal­ist but you should choose the decor and ac­ces­sories wisely, fo­cus­ing on how they in­spire you rather than how they look.


Be­ing able to work from home gives you a cer­tain amount of free­dom, and this fil­ters down into how you dec­o­rate your home of­fice. You do not have to stick to the rules of a 'real' of­fice, but the space must be con­ducive to work­ing.

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