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De­cem­ber is fast ap­proach­ing, and you know what that means: cloth­ing gets skimpier and bulges have less fab­ric to hide un­der. But, while this sea­son might just be the in­spi­ra­tion you need to mo­ti­vate your­self into reach­ing your beach body as­pi­ra­tions, there are very real health is­sues to be­ing over­weight that should not be over­looked.

"Ac­cord­ing to the lat­est stats pro­vided by Dis­cov­ery Vi­tal­ity, roughly half of South African adults live in­ac­tive life­styles," says re­gional di­rec­tor and CEO of RE/MAX of South­ern Africa, Adrian Goslett. "This is more than dou­ble the global av­er­age of 23%, mak­ing us one of the most in­ac­tive coun­tries in the world. The re­port goes on to say that in­suf­fi­cient phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity is one of the lead­ing risk fac­tors for death world­wide. Rather than set­ting un­re­al­is­tic goals for them­selves this sum­mer, we'd like to en­cour­age home­own­ers to do what they can to their homes in or­der to live ac­tive and healthy life­styles all year round."

With money be­ing as tight as it is, and with time be­ing as lim­ited as it is, it can be tricky to get round to ex­er­cis­ing. That's why RE/

MAX of South­ern Africa has done some re­search into how home­own­ers can get fit from home with­out spend­ing any money on gym mem­ber­ships or giv­ing up hours of their lim­ited time.

Cre­ate an ex­er­cise nook

You don't need too much open floor space to get fit from home. If need be, you could al­ways re­ar­range some fur­ni­ture to cre­ate ex­tra space - con­sider this your pre- and post-work­out warm up / down.

There is also a large va­ri­ety of work­out rou­tines avail­able on­line, from Youtube videos to mo­bile fit­ness apps and per­sonal fit­ness blogs. Find a rou­tine that suits your pre­ferred ex­er­cise style, from high in­ten­sity car­dio to low in­ten­sity stretch­ing and ton­ing - as long as it's some­thing you don't com­pletely loathe do­ing. If you're un­able to stream from home, pop into a lo­cal cof­fee shop, con­nect to their free Wi-fi, and down­load a few ex­er­cise rou­tine sets from a sim­ple Google Im­age search.

Squat while you scrub

If re­ar­rang­ing your lounge and your sched­ule to fit in a 20-minute ex­er­cise rou­tine seems like too much trou­ble, then get cre­ative with your ev­ery­day rou­tines. You know the old cliché "take the stairs and not the el­e­va­tor"? Well, if you ap­ply this kind of logic to a broader set of tasks, you'd be sur­prised at how many kilo­joules you could burn.

Do a set of squats while you're wash­ing your dishes, a set of crunches while you're watch­ing your favourite show, jog on the spot dur­ing com­mer­cials - any­thing that gets your heart rate up and can be eas­ily in­cluded in your daily rou­tines.

Get some fresh air

The perk of it be­ing sum­mer is that the weather beckons you to be out­doors. Take ad­van­tage of the longer day­light hours by go­ing for a jog or stroll around your neigh­bour­hood when you get home from work. If you have a gro­cery shop nearby, choose to walk in­stead of drive. Not only will this lower your fuel costs, it will also up your step count and fill your bi­cep curl count for the day.

"Some­times, though, all a per­son needs to start a new rou­tine is some new scenery. If you're feel­ing un­mo­ti­vated or un­able to make healthy choices in your cur­rent home or sub­urb, then con­sider get­ting in touch with an es­tate agent and ex­plor­ing what else is out there," Goslett con­cludes.

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