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Me­re hours af­ter E­co­no­mic F­ree­dom Fig­h­ters (EFF) le­a­der Ju­li­us Ma­le­ma ma­de a brief ap­pea­ran­ce in the Bloem­fon­tein Ma­gi­stra­te's Court on F­ri­day 6 A­pril on char­ges of in­ci­ting pe­op­le to in­va­de land, he told t­hou­sands of EFF sup­por­ters at the T­hem­ba­let­hu Sta­di­um, that the land be­longs to the pe­op­le and not to pie­ces of pa­per.

The ral­ly, his first in Ge­or­ge as EFF le­a­der, was held to boost the par­ty's po­li­cy of land ex­pro­pri­a­ti­on wit­hout com­pen­sa­ti­on.

Joi­ning Ma­le­ma on s­ta­ge we­re the EFF's Na­ti­o­nal C­hai­r­per­son Da­li M­po­fu, De­pu­ty Pre­si­dent Floyd S­hi­vam­bu, Ge­ne­ral Se­cre­ta­ry Go­drich Gar­dee, and De­pu­ty Ge­ne­ral Se­cre­ta­ry H­len­gi­we Oc­ta­via Mk­ha­liphi.

An es­ti­ma­ted cro­wd of 2 500, main­ly young EFF sup­por­ters from Ge­or­ge and the Sout­hern

Ca­pe, we­re told that w­hen the EFF says they must occu­py the land, they are not ad­vo­ca­ting an il­le­gal act, as the land (al­re­a­dy) be­longs to them. To a cho­rus of loud cheers, Ma­le­ma said, "How do you say we are wrong by as­king pe­op­le to go and occu­py w­hat rig­ht­ful­ly be­longs to them? It is your pro­per­ty. I can't say to you that you must occu­py your hou­se, and (be) told I am doing a wrong thing."

He said that it is not the EFF's in­ten­ti­on to dri­ve whi­tes in­to the sea. "T­he­se whi­tes be­long he­re with us, we are neig­hbours, but they must be pre­pa­red to s­ha­re the land. The on­ly pro­blem we ha­ve with them is that they don't want to s­ha­re the land. Now they say Ma­le­ma doe­sn't want whi­te pe­op­le - I ne­ver said that."

Land e­quals dig­ni­ty

He said that pro­per­ty gi­ves pe­op­le dig­ni­ty and that no one re­spects a per­son who doe­sn't ha­ve pro­per­ty.

Ma­le­ma said a hu­ge pla­ne was par­ked at the Ge­or­ge Ai­r­port w­hen he lan­ded. "I was told it be­longs to the P­ri­me Mi­nis­ter of Ku­wait, as

he has a big farm he­re. No black per­son has a farm in Ku­wait. They co­me from all o­ver to ta­ke our land."

6 A­pril must be Land Day

Ma­le­ma said the EFF wants

6 A­pril to be de­cla­red na­ti­o­nal Land Day. Inste­ad of re­mem­be­ring 6 A­pril as the day w­hen Jan van Rie­beek took pos­ses­si­on of the land, it should be re­mem­be­red for the st­rug­gle to re­cap­tu­re it. “The youth must know the his­to­ry of the coun­try. So­me 366 y­e­ars ago pe­op­le ar­ri­ved he­re and took w­hat be­lon­ged to us. Led by

Jan van Rie­beeck, the in­ten­ti­on was to con­quer the pe­op­le and co­lo­ni­se Sout­hern A­fri­ca. They clai­med the K­hoi and the San did not ha­ve tit­le deeds and the­re­fo­re South A­fri­ca was no-man's land."

Ma­le­ma paid tri­bu­te to the la­te st­rug­gle le­a­der Win­nie Ma­di­ki­ze­laMan­de­la, who pas­sed a­way on Mon­day 2 A­pril. Ma­le­ma said she was the first po­wer­ful fe­ma­le, A­fri­can re­vo­lu­ti­o­na­ry.

"All o­ver the wor­ld you he­ar a­bout g­re­at men (li­ke) Karl Marx, Le­nin, Che Gu­e­va­ra, Fi­del Cas­tro, Nel­son Man­de­la and Chris Ha­ni. For the first ti­me the wor­ld will ce­le­bra­te a fe­ma­le re­vo­lu­ti­o­na­ry and she co­mes from South A­fri­ca."

He said the con­dem­na­ti­on of the 'mot­her of the na­ti­on' by so­me is due to the pa­tri­ar­chal na­tu­re of the coun­try.

A tri­ump­hant Ju­li­us Ma­le­ma greets his sup­por­ters as he le­a­ves the s­ta­ge.

P­ho­tos: My­ron Ra­bi­no­witz

EFF le­a­der Ju­li­us Ma­le­ma ad­dres­ses the EFF land ex­pro­pri­a­ti­on ral­ly in T­hem­ba­let­hu.

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