Youth gang kills boy

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F­riends, fa­mi­ly and com­mu­ni­ty mem­bers gat­he­red at the Met­ho­dist C­hurch in T­hem­ba­let­hu on Sa­tur­day 7 A­pril to pay a mo­ving tri­bu­te to the la­test victim of youth gang-re­la­ted vi­o­len­ce in T­hem­ba­let­hu. A­vuye T­hyut­hu­za (15), a Gra­de 9 le­ar­ner at PW Bo­tha Col­le­ge, was stab­bed to de­ath by ri­val youth gang mem­bers on Sun­day 1 A­pril in Zo­ne 9.

Ac­cor­ding to the po­li­ce, A­vuye be­lon­ged to a gang cal­led Ha­voc. His fa­tal stab­bing fol­lows a pre­vi­ous clash be­t­ween the Ha­vo­cs and Mi­la­nos in­vol­ving va­ri­ous we­a­pons. In the e­ar­ly hours of 1 A­pril a­not­her fig­ht bro­ke out be­t­ween the two gangs, du­ring which A­vuye was stab­bed mul­ti­ple ti­mes on his up­per bo­dy. T­hem­ba­let­hu po­li­ce com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons of­fi­cer Du­mi­le G­wa­vu said the victim was ta­ken to hos­pi­tal w­he­re he died. Fol­lo­wing the stab­bing, six boys be­t­ween the a­ges of 17 and 19 we­re ar­res­ted and ap­pea­red in the Ge­or­ge Ma­gi­stra­te's Court on 5 A­pril.

"One sus­pect was la­ter re­le­a­sed as he could not be lin­ked to the ca­se. The ca­se was re­man­ded to 13 A­pril and the fi­ve sus­pects re­main in cus­to­dy," G­wa­vu said.

Du­ring his fu­ne­ral ser­vi­ce, spea­kers des­cri­bed A­vuye as a kind and sweet boy who lo­ved his fa­mi­ly and f­riends. They said no one would e­ver ha­ve gues­sed that he was in­vol­ved in gan­gre­la­ted acti­vi­ties.

His f­riends and school­ma­tes couldn't hold back the te­ars w­hen A­vuye was laid to rest. Spea­kers at the fu­ne­ral con­dem­ned all gang vi­o­len­ce and acti­vi­ties.

T­his mur­der fol­lows two weeks af­ter a 17-y­e­ar-old le­ar­ner was stab­bed in the rig­ht arm by a­not­her 17-y­e­ar-old at T­hem­ba­let­hu High S­chool on Tu­es­day 13 March.

Youth-re­la­ted gang vi­o­len­ce in T­hem­ba­let­hu is be­co­ming the norm as the a­rea has wit­nes­sed a num­ber of gang mur­ders and vi­o­len­ce in­vol­ving yout­hs o­ver the past two y­e­ars.

Ye­ster­day, just be­fo­re going to p­ress, the

Ge­or­ge He­rald re­cei­ved in­for­ma­ti­on that a­not­her gang fig­ht bro­ke out on Tu­es­day in T­hem­ba­let­hu du­ring which two young boys we­re stab­bed. The in­for­ma­ti­on could not be con­fir­med with the po­li­ce.

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A boy we­ars a T-shirt in me­mo­ry of A­vuye T­hyut­hu­za at the fu­ne­ral. RIG­HT: Mour­ners fill the c­hurch for A­vuye’s fu­ne­ral ser­vi­ce ye­ster­day, 11 A­pril.

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