Wil­der­ness man guil­ty of child por­no­grap­hy

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K­ris­ty Kol­berg

A Wil­der­ness man, Ty­ro­ne Ja­mes (37), was found guil­ty of the pos­ses­si­on of no less than 56 822 images and vi­de­os of child por­no­grap­hy in the Ge­or­ge Re­gi­o­nal Court on Tu­es­day 10 A­pril.

T­his hor­net's nest was ex­po­sed short­ly af­ter he was ar­res­ted for the pos­ses­si­on of d­rugs at a rou­ti­ne ro­ad­block in March 2016.

Ja­mes was pul­led o­ver at a ro­ad­block on the N2 highway on the Touw ri­ver brid­ge in Wil­der­ness w­hen he was se­ar­ched and ar­res­ted for the pos­ses­si­on of dag­ga and Tik.

W­hen he cal­led his mot­her from his cel­lp­ho­ne to col­lect his bak­kie, po­li­ce saw an i­ma­ge re­la­ting to child por­no­grap­hy on the s­creen. They sei­zed the pho­ne and found mo­re foota­ge of the sa­me na­tu­re.

A se­arch and sei­zu­re war­rant for his hou­se in King­fis­her C­lo­se was obtai­ned the sa­me day and com­pu­ter e­quip­ment with the por­no­graphic ma­te­ri­al and mo­re dag­ga was found on the pre­mi­ses.

The foota­ge

A­mong the con­fis­ca­ted ma­te­ri­al we­re four vi­de­os con­tai­ning images of ba­bies, 56 578 images of child por­no­grap­hy with child­ren be­t­ween the a­ges of 2 and 18 and 240 vi­de­os con­tai­ning child por­no­grap­hy.

In his plea agreement,

Ja­mes sta­ted that he ne­ver ma­nu­fac­tu­red or dis­tri­bu­ted the ma­te­ri­al. Ac­cor­ding to him it was for per­so­nal use on­ly.

Ja­mes ple­a­ded guil­ty on all four char­ges a­gainst him. He will ap­pear for sen­ten­cing in the Ge­or­ge Re­gi­o­nal Court on 22 May.

The images and vi­de­os of child por­no­grap­hy found in Ja­mes's pos­ses­si­on far out­num­ber the child por­no­grap­hy found in the pos­ses­si­on of the com­pu­ter en­gi­neer from P­let­ten­berg Bay, Wil­li­am Be­a­le (39), who was found guil­ty in No­vem­ber last y­e­ar.

Be­a­le was sen­ten­ced to 15 y­e­ars di­rect im­pri­son­ment.

It was the hig­hest sen­ten­ce han­ded do­wn for a c­ri­me of t­his na­tu­re in South A­fri­ca.

Ty­ro­ne Ja­mes be­fo­re court pro­cee­dings star­ted in the Ge­or­ge Re­gi­o­nal Court on Tu­es­day.

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