Athle­te’s foot ( Ti­nea Pe­dis )

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Athle­te's foot - al­so cal­led ti­nea pe­dis - is a con­ta­gi­ous fun­gal in­fecti­on that af­fects the skin on the feet. It can al­so spre­ad to the toe­nails and the hands. The fun­gal in­fecti­on is cal­led athle­te's foot be­cau­se it's com­mon­ly seen in athle­tes.

Athle­te's foot occurs w­hen the ti­nea fun­gus grows on the feet. The fun­gus can be con­trac­ted through di­rect con­tact with an in­fected per­son, or by tou­ching sur­fa­ces con­ta­mi­na­ted with the fun­gus. The fun­gus thri­ves in warm, moist en­vi­ron­ments. It's com­mon­ly found in sho­wers, on loc­ker room floors, and a­round swim­ming pools.

Pos­si­ble symp­toms of athle­te's foot in­clu­de:

it­ching, stin­ging, and bur­ning be­t­ween the toes;

it­ching, stin­ging, and bur­ning on the so­les of the feet; it­ching blis­ters on the feet; cracking and pee­ling skin on the feet, most com­mon­ly be­t­ween the toes and on the so­les; dry skin on the so­les or si­des of the feet; raw skin on the feet; dis­co­lou­red, thick, and crum­bly toe­nails; toe­nails that pull a­way from the nail bed. Ways to help pre­vent athle­te's foot in­fecti­ons in­clu­de:

Wash your feet with so­ap and wa­ter e­very day and dry them tho­roughly, es­pe­ci­al­ly be­t­ween the toes;

Put an­ti-fun­gal po­w­der on your feet e­very day;

Don't s­ha­re socks, shoes, or to­wels with ot­hers;

We­ar san­dals in pu­blic sho­wers, a­round pu­blic swim­ming pools, and in ot­her pu­blic pla­ces;

We­ar socks ma­de out of bre­at­ha­ble fi­bres such as cot­ton or wool, or synt­he­tic fi­bres that wick moi­stu­re a­way from your skin;

C­han­ge your socks w­hen your feet get swe­a­ty;

Air out your feet w­hen you are at ho­me by going ba­re­foot;

We­ar shoes ma­de of bre­at­ha­ble ma­te­ri­als; Al­ter­na­te be­t­ween two pairs of shoes, we­a­ring e­ach pair e­very ot­her day, to gi­ve your shoes ti­me to dry out be­t­ween u­ses. Moi­stu­re will al­low the fun­gus to con­ti­nue to grow. Sour­ce: He­alth­li­ne

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