Le­ar­ners do­na­te b­lood and help sa­ve li­ves

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To gi­ve b­lood can e­a­si­ly sa­ve up to three pe­op­le's li­ves. And for the M­cKin­lay Reid le­ar­ners to get the We­stern Pro­vin­ce B­lood Trans­fu­si­on ser­vi­ces at their s­chool was a pro­ject well do­ne. Two stu­dents, Ni­na

S­teyn and Kay­la G­reen­wood, ma­de con­tact with the b­lood bank and as­ked if they could vi­sit their s­chool. For the pro­mo­ti­ons of­fi­cer Ar­le­cia No­vem­ber, t­his was a si­ren call. She said it is not e­very day that s­chool kids want to do­na­te b­lood. "So w­hen we got the call, we con­fir­med with the s­chool to set a day and ti­me. T­his is w­hat we call an e­mer­gen­cy cli­nic." No­vem­ber says at the mo­ment b­lood type O is much nee­ded be­cau­se t­his is the b­lood group anyo­ne can re­cei­ve in ca­se of an e­mer­gen­cy. She ex­plains that the­re is ac­tu­al­ly a shor­ta­ge in the We­stern Ca­pe, so dri­ves li­ke the one at M­cKin­lay Reid are a g­re­at boost. No­vem­ber says they need a­bout 900 u­nits a day to keep up with the de­mand. "The de­mand for b­lood trans­fu­si­ons gets mo­re and the do­na­ti­ons less and less. That is why it is so im­por­tant that pe­op­le re­a­li­se that gi­ving b­lood re­al­ly does sa­ve a li­fe."

Kay­la said she and Ni­na got to­get­her and thoug­ht of a way they could gi­ve back as part of their in­te­racti­ve pro­ject. "We saw t­his b­lood dri­ve as the per­fect op­por­tu­ni­ty, es­pe­ci­al­ly be­fo­re the Eas­ter wee­kend. We know the­re are al­ways lots of ac­ci­dents o­ver Eas­ter and that the­re is a shor­ta­ge. T­his is our way of hel­ping." The gi­rls say t­his is just one of ma­ny

dif­fe­rent ways of gi­ving back and hel­ping pe­op­le. "You can gi­ve food or clo­thing or com­fort and in­te­ract with pe­op­le - t­his is hel­ping pe­op­le with me­di­cal needs."

They said their con­tri­bu­ti­on mig­ht be s­mall, but it is still a­ma­zing to think they can help in their own way.

Kay­la G­reen­wood (left) with Ar­le­cia No­vem­ber from the WP B­lood Trans­fu­si­on Ser­vi­ces and Ni­na S­teyn.

Nor­mai­ne Hen­driks ta­kes Nor­man Se­tan through the pro­cess.

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