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To GO GE­OR­GE, the acces­si­bi­li­ty of the bus ser­vi­ce to pe­op­le with spe­ci­al needs is top pri­o­ri­ty. All our bu­ses ha­ve spe­ci­al­ly po­si­ti­o­ned red pri­o­ri­ty se­ats for pe­op­le with spe­ci­al needs. T­his is ad­di­ti­o­nal to the sa­fe docking bays sup­p­lied for w­heel­chairs.

Pas­sen­gers who qua­li­fy for t­he­se pri­o­ri­ty se­ats, are the el­der­ly, preg­nant wo­men, pe­op­le u­sing mo­bi­li­ty de­vi­ces such as crut­ches, wal­king fra­mes or wal­king sticks, a­dults tra­vel­ling with small child­ren, or with ba­bies in strol­lers.

It is re­qui­red of pas­sen­gers to gi­ve up the red pri­o­ri­ty se­ats for a­nyo­ne in need of t­his fa­ci­li­ty, sin­ce the se­ats are spe­ci­fi­cal­ly po­si­ti­o­ned to be acces­si­ble to pas­sen­gers who need mo­re spa­ce. E­ven if t­he­re are no o­pen se­ats left, we kind­ly re­quest pas­sen­gers to va­ca­te the red se­ats and ta­ke a stan­ding po­si­ti­on for the sa­ke of so­meo­ne with spe­ci­al needs.

Let's all be­co­me part of a cul­tu­re of mu­tu­al re­spect and cour­te­sy, of­fe­ring up your se­at if ne­ces­sa­ry, and len­ding a hel­ping hand to get so­meo­ne who does not mo­ve a­bout with e­a­se, to get se­a­ted.

A litt­le kind­ness g­oes a long way!

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