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GO GE­OR­GE is a sche­du­led bus ser­vi­ce that runs on fixed rou­tes at fixed ti­mes, ma­king it a con­ve­nient and re­li­a­ble me­ans of trans­port. All of the­se be­ne­fits are lost, ho­we­ver, if you don’t plan your trip, and can still le­a­ve you stan­ding at a bus stop for un­ne­ces­sa­ri­ly long pe­ri­ods of ti­me.

Sy­stem in­for­ma­ti­on in the form of a han­dy ti­me­ta­ble poc­ket gui­de with rou­te maps are a­vai­la­ble at the in­fo ki­osk at the Ge­or­ge Trans­port Hub in Cra­dock S­treet. For a quick brow­se, this in­for­ma­ti­on can al­so be vie­wed on the web­si­te, www.go­ge­or­ge.org.za. Bro­chu­res with in­for­ma­ti­on and tips on how to use the sy­stem may al­so be obtai­ned from the in­for­ma­ti­on of­fi­cer on du­ty.

Trans­fers are e­a­sy

On­ce you ha­ve the ti­me­ta­bles and the rou­te maps, you can plan your trip. You mig­ht ha­ve to trans­fer to dif­fe­rent rou­tes on your jour­ney, but the­se trans­fer points are e­a­si­ly i­den­ti­fi­a­ble on the maps. The im­por­tant thing is to ma­ke su­re at w­hat ti­me you need to de­part to ca­tch con­necting bu­ses to your des­ti­na­ti­on, and still re­ach it in ti­me.

S­hor­ter rou­te not al­ways fas­ter

All the GO GE­OR­GE com­mu­ni­ty rou­tes are bi­di­recti­o­nal, me­a­ning t­hey go a­round in loops, with bus stop on both si­des of the ro­ad. You can get on the bus on either si­de of the ro­ad, a­ny­w­he­re on the rou­te, and will e­ven­tu­al­ly end up back w­he­re you star­ted. One mig­ht think it's be­st to ta­ke the shor­test path, but de­pen­ding on the ti­me­ta­ble, the next bus going the long way a­round may re­ach your des­ti­na­ti­on soo­n­er, be­cau­se it de­parts e­ar­lier than the short-rou­te bus.

The i­dea is that pas­sen­gers can de­ci­de which di­recti­on will get them to their des­ti­na­ti­on the quic­kest, alt­hough both di­recti­ons will get them the­re. This is w­he­re the poc­ket gui­de with both rou­te maps and ti­me­ta­bles co­mes in han­dy and why it was de­sig­ned to fit in­to a poc­ket or hand­bag to car­ry with you at all ti­mes.

F­re­quen­cy chan­ges

The f­re­quen­cy or ti­me be­t­ween bu­ses va­ry du­ring the day, ac­cor­ding to de­mand, and should be chec­ked on the ti­me­ta­bles. Week­day and wee­kend sche­du­les al­so dif­fer for the sa­me re­a­son.

For any en­qui­ries or as­sis­tan­ce in planning a trip, pho­ne the GO GE­OR­GE Call Cen­t­re on 0800 044 044, from 05:00 till 21:30 dai­ly.

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