York High tackles bul­lying

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Sa­let­te Cloe­te

Bul­lying is one of the big is­su­es s­chool child­ren st­rug­gle with, be it as the bul­ly or the victim. This is why the Pas­to­ral Pa­nel at York High S­chool, a group of le­ar­ners look­ing af­ter the e­mo­ti­o­nal well-being of the le­ar­ners, de­ci­ded to step in.

C­ha­ra S­choltz, from the Pas­to­ral Pa­nel, says she feels re­al­ly strongly a­bout this is­sue and ways to help tho­se le­ar­ners. "Bro­ken pe­op­le do bro­ken t­hings, so we want to try and he­al tho­se pe­op­le." Ten ot­her schools ear to the ground, lis­ten for the­se ty­pe of in the a­rea are al­so in­vol­ved and t­hey look si­tu­a­ti­ons and try to gain the trust of tho­se for­ward to fin­ding ways to sup­port each le­ar­ners to tell their sto­ries." ot­her. The le­ar­ners ma­de

If so­mething phy­si­cal is do­ne to

De­li­na van Nie­kerk, va­ri­ous pos­ters a­bout the he­ad te­a­cher of the a le­ar­ner is it e­a­sy to see, but it’s the bul­lies and being bul­lied pa­nel, says the­re are two e­mo­ti­o­nal a­bu­se, the hurt­ful words, - the­re is e­ven a "no bul­ly mem­bers of the Pas­to­ral zo­ne". Van Nie­kerk says

that we need to look out for.

Pa­nel in each class, and the s­chool has a strict t­hey try to mo­ti­va­te their po­li­cy of no to­le­ran­ce and fel­low peers. holds dis­ci­pli­na­ry he­a­rings.

"T­hey are al­so the on­es who keep their "If so­mething phy­si­cal is do­ne to a le­ar­ner, it is e­a­sy to see, but it's the e­mo­ti­o­nal a­bu­se, the hurt­ful words, that we need to look out for. So we as coun­sel­lors at the schools ta­ke the pro­cess furt­her to get be­hind the cau­se of the pro­blem." The s­chool kic­ked off their an­ti-bul­lying week on Mon­day with a short play il­lus­tra­ting w­hat bul­lying looks or sounds li­ke, and how to coun­ter such be­ha­vi­our. The pro­gram­me for the rest of the week in­clu­des York's Pas­to­ral Pa­nel han­ding out lol­lipops with en­coura­ging quo­tes on Tu­es­day; hos­ting a guest s­pea­ker on Wed­nes­day who shared his sto­ry own sto­ry and en­coura­ged the le­ar­ners to do it too; pre­sen­ting an an­ti-bul­lying si­mu­la­ti­on to­day (T­hurs­day), and fi­nal­ly, a ci­vvies day on F­ri­day w­he­re all le­ar­ners at all of the schools in­vol­ved will we­ar blue in a stand a­gainst bul­lying.

York le­ar­ners per­for­med a short pro­ducti­on on being bul­lied and how to act to­wards bul­lies on Mon­day. INSET: York High le­ar­ner C­ha­ra S­choltz (left) and te­a­cher De­li­na van Nie­kerk of the Pas­to­ral Pa­nel. T­hey aim to help bul­ly victims as well as le­ar­ners...

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