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Br­ü­mil­da Swart­booi

Nelson Man­de­la U­ni­ver­si­ty (NMU) Ge­or­ge Gam­pus was tur­ned in­to a co­lour­ful ra­cing field on Sa­tur­day 12 May du­ring a fun co­lour run for the Ma­di­baz, or­ga­ni­sed by the stu­dent representative coun­cil (SRC). "The ob­jecti­ve of the co­lour run is to pro­mo­te he­alth and fit­ness a­mong stu­dents," said Li­na­mand­la Pet­se, tre­a­su­rer of the SRC.

"As stu­dents are ap­pro­a­ching the ex­ams, this e­vent is to emp­ha­si­se the be­ne­fit of exe­r­ci­se to ta­ke a­way anx­ie­ty and stress and the­re­fo­re in­cre­a­sing con­cen­tra­ti­on."

Al­most 80 stu­dents par­ti­ci­pa­ted in the

4km co­lour fun run. Ac­cor­ding to Pet­se, the co­lour fun run is the first of its kind for the cam­pus.

The first three a­cross the fi­nish li­ne in the ma­le and fe­ma­le ca­te­go­ry we­re a­war­ded with pri­zes and vou­chers from Cur­ves, Her­ba­li­fe and NMU gym on cam­pus. Si­no­zu­ko Si­lan­da ca­me first in the wo­men's ca­te­go­ry, with A­sip­he Teng­wa se­cond and Ze­zet­hu M­si­la thi­rd.

The first three a­mong the men we­re Jo­si­as Le­ta­o­a­na (first), T­han­dol­wet­hu P­hu­za (se­cond) and M­vuyi­sa M­boya (thi­rd).

The­re we­re al­so in­for­ma­ti­o­nal stalls at the fi­nish li­ne w­he­re stu­dents could me­a­su­re their weig­ht and get tips and in­for­ma­ti­on a­bout he­alth pro­ducts.

Pet­se ho­pes the next SRC will con­ti­nue the i­ni­ti­a­ti­ve to help bring chan­ge to the cam­pus and ma­ke it an an­nu­al e­vent on the cam­pus ca­len­dar.

P­ho­tos: Br­ü­mil­da Swart­booi

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Ma­di­baz from Ge­or­ge cam­pus took a bre­ak from a­ca­de­mi­cs on Sa­tur­day 12 May to par­ti­ci­pa­te in a 4km co­lour fun run. INSET: A­bi­gail A­dri­aan­se (Na­tu­re Con­ser­va­ti­on stu­dent) and V­re­ni­ka G­reen (Mar­ke­ting stu­dent) sup­por­ted the co­lour fun run.

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