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Vi­r­gill Ge­ric­ke:

Fol­lo­wing the re­cent and on­going e­vents in the ci­ty of Ge­or­ge, the PBI (Plaas­li­ke Be­sorg­de In­wo­ners) is ex­tre­me­ly con­cer­ned a­bout the di­recti­on in which the DA is ta­king the ci­ty. It would ap­pear that the DA is mo­re wor­ried a­bout the da­ma­ge to their brand na­me, as has been sta­ted last week, than being wor­ried a­bout the ef­fecti­ve go­ver­nan­ce of the ci­ty of Ge­or­ge.

The raid by the Ha­wks has emp­ha­si­sed the se­ri­ous­ness of the op­po­si­ti­on, in par­ti­cu­lar the PBI, to root out cor­rup­ti­on in the municipality. For far too long our voi­ces ha­ve been ig­no­red w­hen we drew at­ten­ti­on to the­se cor­rupt acti­vi­ties. Inste­ad of the DA clai­ming that t­hey ha­ve a­ler­ted the Ha­wks to in­ves­ti­ga­te, t­hey should rat­her con­cen­tra­te on ta­king re­spon­si­bi­li­ty for the mess t­hey plun­ged the ci­ty in­to.

The­re is no doubt that this en­ti­re ci­r­cus has cost the ci­ty mil­li­ons of rand, sca­red in­ves­tors off and ham­pe­red new de­ve­lop­ments. This is a de­va­sta­ting blow to our al­re­a­dy fra­gi­le e­co­nomy, that can hard­ly be af­f­or­ded. The ci­ty des­pe­ra­te­ly needs in­ves­t­ment and gro­wth in or­der to sti­mu­la­te our e­co­nomy and cre­a­te jobs.

I fail to com­pre­hend that, if a par­ty is so wor­ried a­bout their brand na­me, why would t­hey con­flict them­sel­ves to call in the Ha­wks. The DA was hi­ding be­hind so-cal­led in­ter­nal in­ves­ti­ga­ti­ons in or­der to sweep their cor­rup­ti­on un­der the car­pet, inste­ad of exe­cu­ting their le­gal o­bli­ga­ti­on to re­port cri­me to the po­li­ce. T­hey ha­ve been sit­ting on the­se al­le­ga­ti­ons for very long and did not act a­gainst a­ny­bo­dy, until the PBI laid char­ges with the po­li­ce. In this re­gard we can pro­du­ce a ca­se num­ber.

We are now cal­ling on the go­ver­ning par­ty of Ge­or­ge, the DA, to stop lim­ping from one con­tro­ver­sy to a­not­her and pro­vi­de le­a­ders­hip and bring sta­bi­li­ty to our ci­ty.

The ci­ti­zens de­ser­ve much bet­ter and qua­li­ty po­li­ti­cal gui­dan­ce.

If we pri­de our­sel­ves to be the next me­tro in the We­stern Ca­pe, the DA has an ur­gent re­spon­si­bi­li­ty get rid of cor­rupt of­fi­ci­als and po­li­ti­ci­ans a­cross the bo­ard. Whil­st high le­vels of po­ver­ty and u­nem­ploy­ment pre­vail in the ci­ty, ten­ders are con­stant­ly a­war­ded to com­pa­nies out­si­de Ge­or­ge. The­se com­pa­nies are in ma­ny in­stan­ces not e­ven pre­pa­red to join for­ces with lo­cals to cre­a­te jobs and op­por­tu­ni­ties. In this re­gard I me­an mil­li­ons of rand are ex­i­ting the ci­ty to out­si­de com­pa­nies.

The PBI says e­nough is e­nough. The ti­me has co­me that our pe­op­le must now re­ap the be­ne­fits of our de­mo­cra­cy and s­ha­re in the we­alth of our ci­ty. The hou­sing backlog and u­na­vai­la­bi­li­ty of land for the poor, must now be pri­o­ri­ti­sed be­fo­re we ex­pe­rien­ce an out­b­re­ak of vi­o­len­ce and ri­ots.

The PBI calls on all ci­ti­zens to act re­spon­si­bly and hold their lo­cal go­vern­ment re­spon­si­ble for a cor­rup­ti­on­free and cle­an go­vern­ment.

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