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As part of the In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Fi­re­fig­h­ter's Day fes­ti­vi­ties, Oak­hurst In­su­ran­ce ar­ran­ged that fi­re­fig­h­ters from the Sout­hern Ca­pe re­gi­on vi­sit lo­cal schools in a bid to rai­se fi­re pre­ven­ti­on a­wa­re­ness a­mong le­ar­ners.

The Ge­or­ge Fi­re De­part­ment's first vi­sit was to Gra­de 1 to 7 le­ar­ners at the G­len­wood Hou­se S­chool, who lis­te­ned at­ten­ti­ve­ly to the li­fesa­ving tips. The fi­re­fig­h­ters had the child­ren thril­led with their red fi­re truck and the tools t­hey use in their exhi­la­ra­ting but dan­ge­rous occu­pa­ti­on. The G­len­wood Hou­se S­chool le­ar­ners la­ter pre­sen­ted hand-ma­de cards sho­wing their ap­pre­ci­a­ti­on to the de­lig­h­ted e­mer­gen­cy wor­kers.

The Ge­or­ge Fi­re De­part­ment's fi­re truck al­so vi­si­ted the Ty­ho­lorha and T­hem­ba­let­hu p­ri­ma­ry schools. The­se schools are in a­re­as par­ti­cu­lar­ly sub­ject to se­ve­re fi­re thre­ats and ac­count for a lar­ge per­cen­ta­ge of e­mer­gen­cy call-outs o­ver wee­kends. Fi­re­fig­h­ters per­for­med a 45-mi­nu­te de­mon­stra­ti­on and han­ded out e­du­ca­ti­o­nal ma­te­ri­al with gui­de­li­nes for fi­re sa­fe­ty. E­ri­ka P­ri­ma­ry S­chool in Mos­sel Bay al­so ex­pe­rien­ced the ex­ci­te­ment of a vi­sit from their lo­cal fi­re­fig­h­ters.

Out­si­de of the In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Fi­re­fig­h­ters' Day fes­ti­vi­ties, Oak­hurst In­su­ran­ce rai­sed a sub­stan­ti­al a­mount of funds for the up­gra­ding of the T­hem­ba­let­hu Fi­re De­part­ment li­ving quar­ters, through the sel­ling of rib­bons p­ri­or to and du­ring the e­vent. Pe­ter G­rind­lay, ma­na­ging exe­cu­ti­ve of Oak­hurst In­su­ran­ce, said that pe­op­le should al­ways be a­wa­re and ap­pre­ci­a­ti­ve of the gre­at work fi­re­fig­h­ters do. "We en­coura­ge our lo­cals to get mo­re in­vol­ved with our E­mer­gen­cy Ser­vi­ces on a re­gu­lar ba­sis, and en­han­ce com­mu­ni­ty co-o­pe­ra­ti­on w­her­e­ver pos­si­ble."

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G­len­wood Hou­se le­ar­ners sho­wed their lo­ve and sup­port for the fi­re­fig­h­ters with their han­d­craf­ted cards.

T­hem­ba­let­hu P­ri­ma­ry S­chool le­ar­ners ent­hu­si­as­ti­cal­ly enga­ged with w­hat fi­re­fig­h­ter Mo­ses Mon­go had to say.

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