Knys­na High wins WCa­pe Youth Wa­ter Pri­ze

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Knys­na High S­chool we­re the We­stern Ca­pe win­ners in the South A­fri­can Youth Wa­ter Pri­ze (SAYWP) com­pe­ti­ti­on which was re­cent­ly held in Ge­or­ge. The com­pe­ti­ti­on, which is or­ga­ni­sed by the De­part­ment of Wa­ter and Sa­ni­ta­ti­on, see­ks to pro­mo­te the i­dea of wa­ter con­ser­va­ti­on a­mong the youth.

Gra­de 11 le­ar­ners from three schools, Ge­or­ge High S­chool, Knys­na High

S­chool and V­re­den­burg High S­chool we­re com­pe­ting for the first po­si­ti­on as t­hey pre­sen­ted their pro­jects to a pa­nel of jud­ges. The SAYWP gi­ves le­ar­ners an op­por­tu­ni­ty to i­den­ti­fy wa­ter and sa­ni­ta­ti­on re­la­ted pro­blems in their schools or com­mu­ni­ties (pro­blems li­ke pol­lu­ti­on of wa­ter sour­ces, wa­ter-bor­ne di­se­a­ses, he­alth and hy­gie­ne, in­va­si­ve a­lien s­pe­cies), do re­se­arch and pre­sent re­com­men­da­ble so­lu­ti­ons to the pro­blems.

Knys­na High S­chool im­pres­sed the jud­ges most with their a­wa­re­ness ca­te­go­ry. The s­chool re­com­mends the use of grey wa­ter for flus­hing and wa­te­ring gar­dens to curb wa­ter was­ta­ge. S­han­te S­try­dom from Knys­na

High says on a­vera­ge, 798 hou­ses can flush mo­re than 10 000 lit­res of cle­an po­ta­ble wa­ter per day. "We sug­ge­st that pe­op­le start thin­king a­bout con­ver­ting grey wa­ter in­to u­sa­ble wa­ter," said S­try­dom. Knys­na High S­chool re­cei­ved R6 000 in pri­ze mo­ney. The te­am will re­pre­sent the pro­vin­ce du­ring the na­ti­o­nal com­pe­ti­ti­on in P­re­to­ria la­ter this month, with a pos­si­bi­li­ty of re­pre­sen­ting the coun­try in S­tock­holm, S­we­den, du­ring the S­tock­holm Ju­ni­or Wa­ter Pri­ze com­pe­ti­ti­on, com­pe­ting a­gainst mo­re than 27 coun­tries. The ob­jecti­ve of this com­pe­ti­ti­on is to pro­mo­te the pro­tecti­on of the coun­try's na­tu­ral re­sour­ces and in­cre­a­se a­wa­re­ness a­mongst young pe­op­le.

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