Da­le­ne B­rits per­forms at RLR on Wor­ld Mu­sic Day

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To ce­le­bra­te Wor­ld Mu­sic Day on 21 Ju­ne, Da­le­ne B­rits ga­ve a pi­a­no per­for­man­ce to mem­bers of Ge­or­ge Ser­vi­ce Clubs at the RLR. Un­der B­rits’s ba­ton, the Ge­or­ge Ma­le C­hoir per­for­med in the Roy­al Al­bert Hall in Lon­don, as well as at the In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Ma­le C­hoir Fe­s­ti­val in Corn­wall. She ac­com­pa­nied them and wro­te, a­dap­ted and com­po­sed ma­ny son­gs for the c­hoir. From left: Da­wn Lo­gue, Don Mer­ry (RLR chai­r­per­son), Je­an and Paul P­hil­lips (la­test re­si­dents at Mur­ray Hou­se), Da­le­ne B­rits, Ro­se­ma­ry S­chj­ö­l­berg (Mur­ray Hou­se re­si­dent and c­lo­se friend of B­rits) and E­ben and Ann Kot­zé (new re­si­dents at RLR).

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