Rob­bed with pan­ga to the thro­at

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A­qui­et nig­ht on the be­ach tur­ned in­to a nig­ht­ma­re for a young cou­ple from Ge­or­ge w­hen they be­ca­me victims of an ar­med rob­be­ry at Vic­to­ria Bay on F­ri­day nig­ht. "My f­riends wan­ted to go out, but I didn't feel li­ke it. So my boyf­riend and I de­ci­ded to go to Vic Bay and chill," a trau­ma­ti­sed Ni­ki­ta Col­lins (18) told the

Ge­or­ge He­rald on Sa­tur­day af­ter­noon. Ac­cor­ding to Col­lins they we­re sit­ting with their backs to a wall w­hen two men ap­pro­a­ched them and de­man­ded mo­ney.

"We ga­ve them all the mo­ney we had. One tur­ned to his friend and said, 'This isn't e­nough for Tik'. They then rob­bed us of our iP­ho­nes and a bag with our be­lon­gings whi­le hol­ding a pan­ga to my thro­at and a sickle to my boyf­riend's," she said.

She said that the or­de­al las­ted 15 to 20 mi­nu­tes, du­ring which one sus­pect kept ma­king pro­vo­ca­ti­ve re­marks whi­le s­li­ding the pan­ga from her thro­at to her legs.

"He e­ven said that he wa­sn't sca­red of kil­ling me and that he had just got out of jail. The ot­her man was mo­re re­ser­ved and ac­tu­al­ly see­med qui­te sca­red," Col­lins said. "I nor­mal­ly ha­ve pep­per spray with me. This ti­me I left it in the car. It could've en­ded so dif­fe­rent­ly."

One of the sus­pects was dres­sed in a red long-sleeve top and de­nim trou­sers. The ot­her was we­a­ring a grey be­a­nie, grey top and de­nims. No ar­res­ts ha­ve been ma­de. The sus­pects fled on foot.

Ac­cor­ding to so­me re­si­dents and fre­quent vi­si­tors to Vic­to­ria Bay, the cri­me ra­te he­re is de­fi­ni­te­ly in­cre­a­sing.

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