Dog sur­vi­ves rub­ber bul­lets

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Ran­ger, a ste­ri­li­sed boer­boel fe­ma­le, was caug­ht up in the thick of t­hings du­ring the pro­test in La­waai­kamp and was hit by rub­ber bul­lets du­ring one of the clas­hes be­t­ween po­li­ce and pro­tes­ters. The 8 y­e­ar-old dog was ta­ken to the SPCA w­he­re at first it was thoug­ht that she had on­ly sus­tai­ned a su­per­fi­ci­al wound. On ex­a­mi­na­ti­on, her in­ju­ries we­re found to be qui­te se­ve­re and she had to un­der­go im­me­di­a­te sur­ge­ry. “Two bul­lets, one still at­ta­ched to its ca­sing, tra­vel­led through the tho­ra­cic wall in­to the chest, went through the di­aphragm and pe­ne­tra­ted the sto­mach wit­hout da­ma­ging any vi­tal or­gans.

Both bul­lets we­re re­trie­ved and Ran­ger will ma­ke a full re­co­ve­ry and go ho­me in a few days,” said SPCA vet Dr Su­zan­ne Mul­ler af­ter the o­pe­ra­ti­on.

The SPCA the­a­t­re te­am with Ran­ger af­ter her o­pe­ra­ti­on. In front from left are Al­ta Koe­ke­moer, El­ma­rie Velds­man and SPCA vet Dr Su­zan­ne Mul­ler. Back: M­fun­du Ng­qan­da­na, Lu­ba­balo Ji­ke­le­za and Glad­well N­da­ma­ne. INSET: Two rub­ber bul­lets had pe­ne­tra­ted Ran­ger’s sto­mach and had to be re­mo­ved sur­gi­cal­ly.

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