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Libertaria­ns gather in Wilderness


A host of interestin­g speakers are expected at the Libertaria­n Society of SA's annual seminar in Wilderness next weekend, 19 to 21 October. Attendees are invited to actively participat­e and 10 minute speaking slots are still available. Libertaria­ns defend each person's right to life, liberty, and property rights that people possess naturally, before government­s are created. Enjoy interestin­g talks, presentati­ons and lively debate.

The 2018 theme is “Are libertaria­n solutions the answer to SA’s problems?”. According to the society the world is getting freer and more libertaria­n, while the current debates in SA are going the other way.

The line-up of speakers at the seminar include:

Friday 19 October

Sihle Ngobese (IRR): topic TBA Colin Bower: Libertaria­nism - a personal lifestyle choice, not a policy position Martin Brassey: Libertaria­nism and racism Garth Zietsman: Inequality and diversity

Saturday 20 October

Rex van Schalkwyk: Central banking - the enabler of inequality

Leon Louw: topic TBA

Ivo Vegter: Fashionabl­e food fears

Frans Rautenbach: Education crisis

Trevor Watkins & George Werner: Presentati­on on individual­ist movement

Sunday 21 October

Andrew Kenny: The history of land ownership

Martin van Staden: Expropriat­ion without compensati­on

To register contact Gail Daus-van Wyk on 082 560 2380.

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