Li­ber­ta­ri­ans gat­her in Wil­der­ness

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A host of in­te­res­ting s­pea­kers are ex­pected at the Li­ber­ta­ri­an So­cie­ty of SA's an­nu­al se­mi­nar in Wil­der­ness next wee­kend, 19 to 21 Oc­to­ber. At­ten­dees are in­vi­ted to acti­ve­ly par­ti­ci­pa­te and 10 mi­nu­te s­pea­king slots are still a­vai­la­ble. Li­ber­ta­ri­ans de­fend each per­son's rig­ht to li­fe, li­ber­ty, and pro­per­ty rig­hts that pe­op­le pos­sess na­tu­ral­ly, be­fo­re go­vern­ments are cre­a­ted. En­joy in­te­res­ting talks, pre­sen­ta­ti­ons and li­ve­ly de­bate.

The 2018 the­me is “Are li­ber­ta­ri­an so­lu­ti­ons the ans­wer to SA’s pro­blems?”. Ac­cor­ding to the so­cie­ty the wor­ld is get­ting freer and mo­re li­ber­ta­ri­an, w­hi­le the cur­rent de­bates in SA are going the ot­her way.

The li­ne-up of s­pea­kers at the se­mi­nar in­clu­de:

F­ri­day 19 Oc­to­ber

Sihle N­go­be­se (IRR): to­pic TBA Co­lin Bo­wer: Li­ber­ta­ri­a­nism - a per­so­nal li­fe­sty­le choi­ce, not a po­li­cy po­si­ti­on Mar­tin Bras­sey: Li­ber­ta­ri­a­nism and ra­cism Garth Ziets­man: I­ne­qua­li­ty and di­ver­si­ty

Sa­tur­day 20 Oc­to­ber

Rex van S­chalk­wyk: Cen­tral ban­king - the e­na­bler of i­ne­qua­li­ty

Le­on Louw: to­pic TBA

Ivo Veg­ter: Fashi­o­na­ble food fe­ars

Frans Rau­ten­bach: E­du­ca­ti­on cri­sis

T­re­vor Wat­kins & Ge­or­ge Wer­ner: Pre­sen­ta­ti­on on in­di­vi­du­a­list mo­vement

Sun­day 21 Oc­to­ber

Andrew Ken­ny: The his­to­ry of land o­w­ners­hip

Mar­tin van S­ta­den: Ex­pro­pri­a­ti­on wit­hout com­pen­sa­ti­on

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