Ki­tes ca­per in Ge­or­ge sky

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B­rig­ht­ly co­lou­red ki­tes dan­ced, twi­r­led and bob­bed in the skies next to the N2 be­t­ween Ge­or­ge and Wil­der­ness on Sa­tur­day 20 Oc­to­ber. S­pec­ta­tors at the Ge­or­ge leg of the E­den Ki­te Fe­s­ti­val wa­t­ched in won­der­ment as ki­tes in all shapes and si­zes w­heeled and so­a­red in­to the cle­ar blue sky fan­ned by a gus­ty 35km/h e­as­ter­ly wind.

Ki­ters from a­cross the coun­try, to­get­her with vi­si­tors from In­dia, Eng­land, Aus­tra­lia and Ger­ma­ny, wo­wed the hund­reds of vi­si­tors with their ki­te-flying skills.

Ex­ten­ding the po­pu­lar an­nu­al E­den Ki­te Fe­s­ti­val with an ex­tra day in Ge­or­ge was the brai­n­child of Ro­ta­ry's Do­nald Gold­fain.

He said the funds rai­sed at the fa­mi­ly fun day will go to the Ma­sit­handa­ne scho­lar trans­port burs­a­ry fund that fer­ries high s­chool le­ar­ners from Sed­ge­field to Ge­or­ge. "Cur­rent­ly Sed­ge­field has no high s­chool, nor is the­re pu­blic or de­part­ment trans­port to bring the le­ar­ners to high schools in Ge­or­ge.

Ma­sit­handa­ne, an NPO in Sed­ge­field, helps ma­ny poor fa­mi­lies that are st­rug­gling to get their child­ren to s­chool."

Keith Mould from Sed­ge­field is the dri­ving for­ce be­hind the E­den Ki­te Fe­s­ti­val, sup­por­ted by the ge­ne­rous spon­sors­hip of Lew Gef­fen Sot­he­by's In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Re­al­ty.

This y­e­ar he has been a guest at fes­ti­vals in In­dia, T­hai­land, Tur­key and Ma­lay­sia. In past y­e­ars he al­so flew his ki­tes in In­do­ne­sia, China, South Ko­rea, Eng­land, Fran­ce and Du­bai. Mould says, "I fly lar­ge in­fla­ta­ble ki­tes but pre­fer the ar­tis­tic, mo­re tra­di­ti­o­nal stick ki­tes that I cre­a­te my­self."

Jacky We­a­ver, Ma­sit­handa­ne chai­r­per­son, said, "The Ma­sit­handa­ne burs­a­ry has col­lected and paid out o­ver R500 000 in the last 12 y­e­ars to en­s­u­re that young­sters from Sed­ge­field and the sur­roun­ding a­re­as can at­tend high s­chool."

Ot­her Ma­sit­handa­ne pro­jects in­clu­de the In­te­gra­ted Com­mu­ni­ty and Ho­me-ba­sed Ca­re Ser­vi­ces, the Sed­ge­field Ho­me Nur­sing and Ca­re gi­ving Ser­vi­ces, ca­ring for vul­ne­ra­ble child­ren and job cre­a­ti­on pro­jects.

Gold­fain said Ro­ta­ry ho­pes to see e­ver­yo­ne next y­e­ar on the o­pen field next to the Sa­sol Highway Ga­ra­ge on the N2 for the next ki­te fe­s­ti­val. "S­pe­ci­al thanks to Zel­da and H­ein­drich van der Vy­ver who al­lo­wed us the use of the land." Ra­bi­no­witz

P­ho­tos: My­ron

The hills we­re a­li­ve with the sound of ‘de­lig­ht’ as the ki­tes mo­ved back and forth, fig­hting the gus­ty wind.

Keith Mould (left) from Sed­ge­field was the or­ga­ni­ser of the ki­te fly­ers at the first Ro­ta­ry E­den Ki­te Fe­s­ti­val. With him are Jacky We­a­ver (Ma­sit­handa­ne), Do­nald Gold­fain (Ro­ta­ry) and Jo­an S­haw (Ge­or­ge Tou­rism).

From left are Ma­rit­za, Ja­c­ques, No­leen and Lei­la­nie F­ritz, with C­her­is­sa and Dei­d­re S­mal.

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