NSRI re­a­dy for ho­li­day and fes­ti­ve se­a­son

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The NSRI and ot­her res­cue ser­vi­ces are re­a­dy for the u­p­co­ming ho­li­day and fes­ti­ve se­a­son. That was the mes­sa­ge of Rob van Hels­din­gen, the Wil­der­ness NSRI-sta­ti­on com­man­der, af­ter a res­cue practi­ce on Sun­day mor­ning.

A group of a­bout 30 pe­op­le took part in an exe­r­ci­se of the NSRI and ot­her res­cue ser­vi­ces at Wil­der­ness be­ach on Sun­day 21 Oc­to­ber. The exe­r­ci­se star­ted short­ly af­ter 08:00. Re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ves of the NSRI in Wil­der­ness, P­let­ten­berg Bay and Still Bay, Ge­or­ge Fire B­ri­ga­de, ER24 and pa­ra­me­di­cs of AMS took part. The AMS he­li­cop­ter ba­sed in Oudts­hoorn al­so par­ti­ci­pa­ted.

Af­ter a sa­fe­ty brie­fing, the practi­ce star­ted in all se­ri­ous­ness. Se­ver­al on­look­ers gat­he­red on the be­ach to wa­tch the e­mer­gen­cy per­son­nel tackle the wa­ves, which we­re fai­r­ly rough and for­ce­ful. A wind of 12 to 20 knots was blo­wing and the tem­pe­ra­tu­re was a­bout 20 de­grees Cel­ci­us. It was main­ly NSRI­mem­bers that took part in the exe­r­ci­se. "Dro­w­nings" we­re si­mu­la­ted. "Victims" (NSRI mem­bers) we­re res­cu­ed a­bout 30 to 50m offs­ho­re by their col­le­a­gues with the help of the AMS he­li­cop­ter. T­hey we­re t­hen broug­ht to sa­fe­ty on the be­ach. Se­ver­al NSRI bo­ats we­re al­so in the a­rea. The exe­r­ci­se con­clu­ded by 11:00.

Mi­ke Vonk, Wil­der­ness NSRI de­pu­ty sta­ti­on com­man­der, said this ty­pe of exe­r­ci­se ta­kes pla­ce mo­re or less four ti­mes a y­e­ar.

It is pos­si­ble that a si­mi­lar exe­r­ci­se will ta­ke pla­ce in P­let­ten­berg Bay be­fo­re the be­gin­ning of De­cem­ber. A­not­her exe­r­ci­se at Wil­der­ness is plan­ned for 2 De­cem­ber. His ad­vi­ce to pe­op­le is to sa­ve the lo­cal Sea Res­cue E­mer­gen­cy num­ber on their mo­bi­le pho­nes. For He­rold's Bay, Ge­or­ge, Wil­der­ness and Sed­ge­field this num­ber is 082 990 5955. W­hen you di­al this num­ber, your call will al­ways be ans­we­red by one of the se­ni­or Sea Res­cue crew at Sta­ti­on 23 Wil­der­ness.

The NSRI re­lies mos­t­ly on vo­lun­teers who gi­ve up their f­ree ti­me to help. It is es­ti­ma­ted that mo­re than 1 000 vo­lun­teers help the NSRI coun­try­wi­de.

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See mo­re p­ho­tos and a vi­deo at www.ge­or­ge­he­rald.com The te­am that took part in the exe­r­ci­se at Wil­der­ness.

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