WCED cla­ri­fies con­fu­si­on a­bout last day of s­chool

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Schools in the We­stern Ca­pe, as well as the rest of the coun­try, will of­fi­ci­al­ly c­lo­se on Wed­nes­day 12 De­cem­ber. The We­stern Ca­pe E­du­ca­ti­on De­part­ment is­su­ed a sta­te­ment to cla­ri­fy so­me of the con­fu­si­on a­round the closure da­tes for the 2018 s­chool y­e­ar.

S­chool ho­li­days will be­gin on

Wed­nes­day 12 De­cem­ber for le­ar­ners and F­ri­day 14 De­cem­ber for e­du­ca­tors - ma­king it a 199-day s­chool y­e­ar for le­ar­ners and a 203-day y­e­ar for e­du­ca­tors.

If any schools ha­ve is­su­ed let­ters in­di­ca­ting that t­hey are clo­sing e­ar­lier than 12 De­cem­ber 2018, t­hey are acting il­le­gal­ly.

The­se schools we­re in­for­med well in ad­van­ce of the da­tes for the 2018 s­chool y­e­ar.

S­chool ho­li­days not shor­ter

It must be no­ted that the per­cep­ti­on that s­chool ho­li­days ha­ve been dras­ti­cal­ly cut, is un­true. Last y­e­ar had 197 s­chool days two days less than this y­e­ar.

The num­ber of days that le­ar­ners and e­du­ca­tors ha­ve for s­chool ho­li­days the­re­fo­re re­mains al­most the sa­me in 2018. Of the 365 days in a ca­len­dar y­e­ar, le­ar­ners at­tend s­chool 199 days.

The­re­fo­re 166 days are spent on ho­li­days and wee­kends. Schools will re-o­pen on Wed­nes­day 9 Ja­nu­a­ry 2019 for a 199-day s­chool y­e­ar.

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