Con­cer­ned yet con­fi­dent a­bout SA’s fu­tu­re

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Bon­ny B­rink-La­wren­ce, so­ci­al en­tre­pre­neur/cli­ni­cal psy­cho­lo­gist, Ge­or­ge:

I quo­te an ex­tract from an ar­ti­cle I re­ad in the Ci­ti­zen: "A­fri­ca's /South A­fri­ca's po­li­ti­cal un­cer­tain­ties are des­ti­ned to es­ca­la­te le­a­ding up to the na­ti­o­nal e­lecti­ons in 2019. We are unsu­re as to the out­co­mes of the­se e­lecti­ons, w­het­her t­hey will set in mo­ti­on a furt­her re­prieve and sa­ni­ty, or if t­hey will ig­ni­te ad­ded po­li­ti­cal pre­di­ca­ments - this will de­pend on w­hat we do to­day as ci­ti­zens."

Our s­ta­te of hu­man de­ve­lop­ment, dri­ven and in­flu­en­ced by a com­bi­na­ti­on of our his­to­ry of co­lo­ni­a­lism and the old re­gi­me on the one hand, now rein­car­na­ted by so­me un­ca­ring and self-cen­tred new e­li­te on the ot­her hand, is cor­rup­ting and de­tai­ning the dre­ams and as­pi­ra­ti­ons of our na­ti­on's pe­op­le.

Ac­cor­dingly, our so­ci­al tran­si­ti­ons and as­so­ci­a­ted po­li­ti­cal dis­cour­se are recko­ned on the de­fi­cit of po­si­ti­ve i­den­ti­ty, cul­tu­re, ho­nesty, re­spect and to­le­ran­ce of all the pe­op­le's suf­fe­ring. See­mingly, in­di­vi­du­als are mo­re pro­vo­ked as a way of stir­ring ne­ga­ti­ve i­den­ti­ty po­li­ti­cs for the pur­po­se of gar­ne­ring e­lec­to­ral le­vera­ge.

My sin­ce­re con­cern and des­pe­ra­te in­tent for chan­ge is em­bed­ded in the que­s­ti­on: W­hat are we as the hard-wor­king ci­ti­zens of South A­fri­ca in­ten­ti­o­nal­ly doing a­bout the­se ne­ga­ti­ve de­bi­li­ta­ting acti­ons?

Are we des­pe­ra­te e­nough to gen­ui­ne­ly co­me to­get­her in u­ni­ty a­gainst the­se in-hu­ma­ne dys­functi­o­nal le­a­ders­hip o­pe­ra­ti­ons that are sin­king our na­ti­on so ra­pid­ly?

Dai­ly we are fa­ced with the worst forms of e­vi­den­ce ba­sed cor­rup­ti­on - rig­ht in our fa­ces.

Yet no­thing gets do­ne to ou­st the­se of­fen­ders/ro­gues/blatant thie­ves out of our al­re­a­dy bro­ken society?

W­hen can we fi­nal­ly re­po­si­ti­on our­sel­ves in re­buil­ding ho­pe and rai­se the mo­ra­le and the stan­dards of our na­ti­on? This is the cru­ci­al point of re­sis­tan­ce for bold, dis­rup­ti­ve, fe­ar­les­sly po­si­ti­ve be­gin­nings of "trans­for­ma­ti­on in acti­on".

We as the ci­ti­zens of South A­fri­ca need to join for­ces calm­ly with ho­nest mind­sets to mo­ve in­to a per­specti­ve of au­then­tic chan­ge.

Our pe­op­le need to ex­pe­rien­ce the art of being ac­coun­ta­ble, re­spect­ful, to­le­rant, fe­ar­less, bold, ro­bust, me­a­ning­ful­ly dis­rup­ti­ve, and ta­ke o­w­ners­hip of our li­fe de­ve­lop­ment stra­te­gies.

It's im­pe­ra­ti­ve to em­bra­ce a

"walk the talk" acti­on-de­sig­ned li­fe t­rend with tan­gi­ble out­co­mes as the com­mu­ni­ties of South A­fri­ca. It's ti­me to un­le­ash the we­alth of hu­man ca­pi­tal bril­li­an­ce through the ex­cel­lent strengt­hs and ca­pa­bi­li­ties in Ge­or­ge, and na­ti­o­nal­ly.

Our pe­op­le must be e­ner­gi­sed out of despon­den­cy from all walks of li­fe.

An all-in­clu­si­vi­ty track from a w­ho­le new per­specti­ve will bring in­va­lu­a­ble re­sults mo­re ho­lis­ti­cal­ly.

B­re­a­king the cy­cle of po­ver­ty, jo­bless­ness, fe­ar of lo­sing our har­de­ar­ned as­sets and fi­nan­ci­al sta­bi­li­ty through hard work must be de­alt with mo­re re­a­lis­ti­cal­ly.

To­get­her we need to ad­dress the strin­gent me­cha­nis­ms and con­trols for the cu­re to so­cie­tal ills, in­clu­ding whi­te col­lar cri­me that's ab­so­lu­te­ly bla­tant­ly be­co­ming a norm a­cross the spectrum.

This is such a gash in our South A­fri­can e­co­no­mic de­ve­lop­ment gro­wth, not to men­ti­on the harsh im­pli­ca­ti­ons on the fu­tu­res of our youn­ger ge­ne­ra­ti­on.

It's ur­gent, des­pe­ra­te ti­mes to in­stil li­fe­sty­le and kno­w­led­ge em­po­wer­ment in this re­gard.

We need in­di­vi­du­als from all sec­tors wil­ling to re­cog­ni­se and i­den­ti­fy this gre­at need for a pa­ra­digm shift to ra­di­cal chan­ge ef­forts.

We in Ge­or­ge can be­co­me tho­se cond­uits of ho­pe to­get­her.

Du­ring a fi­ve-y­e­ar back­ground re­se­arch thre­ad sin­ce 2013 of the E­den (Gar­den Rou­te) Dis­trict, in va­ri­ous sec­tors, the­re's e­vi­den­ti­al p­roof that:

With a gre­at stra­te­gic flow of sy­s­te­ma­tic hu­man ca­pi­tal de­ve­lop­ment with acti­ve im­pact we can turn the ti­de of ne­ga­ti­vi­ty in­to a t­rend of ex­po­nen­ti­al con­ti­nu­ous im­pro­vement pro­ces­ses.

So­ci­al en­tre­pre­neurs­hip na­ti­o­nal­ly and in­ter­na­ti­o­nal­ly will en­han­ce the me­a­su­re of kno­w­led­ge em­po­wer­ment and a­wa­re­ness of the need for au­then­tic chan­ge in South A­fri­ca.

We are the­re­fo­re com­mit­ted to work with li­ke-min­ded in­di­vi­du­als and or­ga­ni­sa­ti­ons wit­hout any hid­den a­gen­das of gai­ning plat­forms for sta­tus. #Bol­dActi­on

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