K­lein Ka­roo a­pes Na­ma­qua­land

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For tho­se in need of a bit of wan­de­ring, the K­lein Ka­roo has just the thing.

If you tra­vel from Ge­or­ge to Wil­low­mo­re or as far as Graaff Rei­net, you will be re­war­ded by a s­how of co­lour.

The a­rea has had good rains and ma­ny of the flo­wers are to be seen in splas­hes of co­lour.

So, with the pe­trol pri­ce the way it is, let's rat­her sup­port our lo­cals and pop off to see the stun­ning flo­wers rig­ht he­re in the Sout­hern Ca­pe. Gar­den Rou­te Bo­ta­ni­cal Gar­den Her­ba­ri­um cu­ra­tor P­ris­cil­la Bur­goy­ne cap­tu­red the beau­ti­ful flo­ra du­ring a re­cent trip through the Ka­roo.

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