Man­da M­pin­da (left) and Si­mam­ke­le Sem­ba­tha

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Man­da M­pin­da (left) and Si­mam­ke­le Sem­ba­tha of T­hem­ba­let­hu High S­chool we­re re­lie­ved that the first pa­per is now o­ver and do­ne with. A­man­da, who wants to stu­dy In­for­ma­ti­on Techno­lo­gy af­ter high s­chool, said she was a bit ner­vous be­fo­re wri­ting the ex­am. Ho­we­ver, she col­lected her thoug­hts and the pa­per was e­a­sy to wri­te. Si­mam­ke­le, who wants to stu­dy me­dia, said she too felt the pa­per was not that hard and she didn’t find ma­ny dif­fi­cul­ties. P­ho­to: Zo­la­ni Sinxo

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