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You mig­ht see friend­ly young people in brig­ht o­ran­ge shirts strol­ling do­wn York Street. W­hat’s up with the o­ran­ge mo­vement, you mig­ht ask? Well, they work for a dis­rup­ti­ve in­su­ran­ce brand cal­led dot­su­re.

dot­su­ forms part of one of Ge­or­ge’s lar­ge­st em­ploy­ers, the Bad­ger Group, which con­sis­tent­ly and ef­fecti­ve­ly pro­mo­tes w­ho­le­s­o­me va­lu­es, hard work and high stan­dards. The com­pa­ny with the bun­ny lo­go, as­so­ci­a­ted with the cu­te tal­king dog TV ad­vert, sells on­li­ne pet, car, li­fe and ho­me in­su­ran­ce.

They are a cu­s­to­mer-cen­tric ga­me chan­ger and Guin­ness Wor­ld Re­cord™ bre­a­ker, but are pro­ba­bly bet­ter kno­wn as the hos­ts of the an­nu­al Po­lar Be­ar Plun­ge. They are al­so proud of the fact t­hat they we­re one of the first in­su­ran­ce brands to pro­vi­de the full in­su­ran­ce packa­ge on­li­ne - quo­ting, buying and ma­na­ging.

The hip group not on­ly pro­vi­des ex­cel­lent cu­s­to­mer ser­vi­ce, but al­so a fun wor­king en­vi­ron­ment for their “o­ran­ge ar­my”. Em­ploy­ees li­ke to play al­most as much as they li­ke wor­king. They en­joy good te­am­buil­ding acti­vi­ties and of­fi­ce ga­mes, which turn col­le­a­gues in­to fa­mi­ly mem­bers. “Li­fe at dot­su­ is a ce­le­bra­ti­on of cha­rac­ters, ban­ter and pas­si­on for the brand,” says C­lient Ca­re Con­sul­tant He­at­her Mac­ken­zie.

Want to join in the fun?

dot­su­ is proud t­hat they are a­ble to pro­vi­de a­ma­zing gro­wth op­por­tu­ni­ties for young in­di­vi­du­als!

Do you want to ex­pe­rien­ce the feel and pa­ce of a big ci­ty en­vi­ron­ment in a small to­wn? dot­su­ is cur­rent­ly look­ing to fill a few se­ni­or se­ats. Sim­ply vi­sit dot­su­re. on­li­ne, click on the “careers” tab, fill in your de­tails and at­tach an up­da­ted ver­si­on of your CV. Be­co­me a part of the fa­mi­ly at the cool­e­st in­su­ran­ce pro­vi­der in Ge­or­ge!

The friend­ly young people in brig­ht o­ran­ge shirts re­pre­sent dot­su­

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