Spring Bu­si­ness C­hal­len­ge wi­de o­pen

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Three te­ams top the log for the fi­nal round of the Lew Gef­fen Sot­he­by's In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Re­al­ty Spring Bu­si­ness C­hal­len­ge. Wil­der­ness W­ha­les, C­re­a­ti­ve C­hicks and FNB are all on 54 points and one of them will un­doub­ted­ly be the C­hal­len­ge Cham­pi­ons in the fi­nal round.

In the Pla­te Di­vi­si­on, Ab­sa GRM are in the le­ad on 44 points, two points a­he­ad of Ge­or­ge High 1 and a much im­pro­ved See­quent Te­am. FNB won the ses­si­on pri­ze on shot dif­fe­ren­ce, sco­ring 14 points out of a pos­si­ble 16.

Ge­or­ge High 2 and See­quent al­so sco­red 14 points.

Melk­tert­jies we­re of­fe­red as an in­cen­ti­ve to tho­se play­ers who sco­red tou­chers on the e­ve­ning and an a­ma­zing 60 win­ners en­joy­ed the pri­zes.

The fi­nal round of the Bu­si­ness C­hal­len­ge will be play­ed at the Ge­or­ge Bo­w­ling Club on T­hurs­day e­ve­ning, 8 No­vem­ber.

Ge­or­ge High 2 sco­red 14 points last T­hurs­day nig­ht, the sa­me as the See­quent te­am. They are, from left: An­dré Jan­sen, Ro­wan Jo­nes, Pat­ty Mey­er and Rod­ney Dey­ce.

See­quent and Ge­or­ge High 2, both on 14 points, are lying in se­cond po­si­ti­on in the Pla­te Di­vi­si­on. See­quent are, fom left: Wil­lie Swanepoel, Ge­ral­di­ne Ma­ka, Da­vid Wat­kins and Bryn Ed­wards.

The FNB bo­w­ling te­am won the ses­si­on pri­ze at last week’s Spring Bu­si­ness C­hal­len­ge at the Ge­or­ge Bo­w­ling Club. They are, from left: Do­nald O­li­vier, G­reg Men­nie, Mi­ke M­cCarthy and Qu­en­tin Ma­ritz.

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