Ge­or­ge Ten­nis Club cham­pi­ons cro­w­ned

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Da­mien Ne­zar and C­handré Bos­hoff we­re cro­w­ned the

Ge­or­ge Ten­nis Club's men's and wo­men's sing­les cham­pi­ons for 2018.

Ne­zar, who is ran­ked the num­ber one u.16 boys play­er in South Africa, be­at C­harl Op­per­man, who sho­wed his con­sis­ten­cy and was a fi­na­list for the se­cond y­e­ar run­ning. Ne­zar ad­ded his na­me on the club's bo­ard of cham­pi­ons and shares the ho­nour with his mot­her, Al­li­son Ne­zar (Rip­sold).

Bos­hoff be­at Na­le­di Ma­nyu­be in the wo­men's fi­nals.

Both the­se gi­rls are top ran­ked in SA gi­rls u.14 with Ma­nyu­be the num­ber one in her age group in the coun­try.

Da­mien Ne­zar and Le­an­der Pe­ter­son be­at Da­mi­an Mul­ler and Jo­not­han Wit­huhn in the men's dou­bles cham­pi­ons­hips in a tig­ht­ly con­te­sted ma­tch.

In the mixed dou­bles fi­nals, Da­mien Ne­zar and Na­le­di Ma­nyu­be te­a­med up to be­at Hei­ke Jan­se van Vuur­en and C­harl Op­per­man.

This ma­tch, the last of the day, de­li­ver­ed top class dou­bles ten­nis. T­hea Mal­her­be and

Wen­dy Cro­wt­her are the wo­men's dou­bles B cham­pi­ons and Al­li­son Ne­zar and Ja­net Seeg­mul­lers are the run­ners-up.

In the mixed dou­bles fi­nals, Da­mien Ne­zar (se­cond left) and Na­le­di Ma­nyu­be (left) te­a­med up to be­at Hei­ke Jan­se van Vuur­en (se­cond rig­ht) and C­harl Op­per­man (rig­ht). C­handré Bos­hoff (left) is the 2018 Ge­or­ge Ten­nis Club’s wo­men’s sing­les cham­pi­on af­ter be­a­ting Na­le­di Ma­nyu­be (rig­ht) in the fi­nals.

Le­an­der Pe­ter­son (left) and Da­mien Ne­zar (se­cond left) won the men’s dou­bles af­ter be­a­ting Da­mi­an Mul­ler (se­cond rig­ht) and Jo­not­han Wit­huhn (rig­ht) in the fi­nals. Ma­ri­us Be­zui­den­hout (midd­le), chair­man of the Ge­or­ge Ten­nis Club, pre­sen­ted the win­ners with their trop­hy.

Da­mien Ne­zar (left) is the 2018 men’s sing­les cham­pi­on of the Ge­or­ge Ten­nis Club af­ter be­a­ting C­harl Op­per­man (rig­ht). In the midd­le is Ma­ri­us Be­zui­den­hout, club chair­man.

Ma­ri­us Be­zui­den­hout, club chair­man, con­g­ra­tu­la­tes T­hea Mal­her­be who, to­get­her with Wen­dy Cro­wt­her, ca­me out as the wo­men’s dou­bles B cham­pi­ons.

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