G Rou­te He­alth of­fers help for sur­vi­vors of a­bu­se

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Sun­day 25 No­vem­ber mar­ked the start of the wor­ld­wi­de 16 Days of Acti­vism for No Vi­o­len­ce a­gainst Wo­men and Child­ren.

Dr Nor­m­afrench M­bom­bo, mi­nis­ter of he­alth, said, “Gen­der­ba­sed vi­o­len­ce has re­a­ched cri­sis le­vels, and fai­ling to ad­dress t­his will me­an that ma­ny mo­re pe­op­le will suf­fer the con­se­quen­ces. As we ap­pro­ach the start of the 16 Days of Acti­vism cam­paign, we will con­ti­nue to stand up and fig­ht for wo­men who suf­fer at the hands of an a­bu­ser.” Vi­o­len­ce a­gainst wo­men and child­ren can ta­ke on ma­ny forms. One of the­se is ra­pe.

The We­stern Ca­pe de­part­ment of he­alth and ot­her non-go­vern­men­tal or­ga­ni­sa­ti­ons of­fer f­ree ser­vi­ces to ra­pe and sexu­al as­sault sur­vi­vors.

T­hut­hu­ze­la Ca­re Cen­tres (TCC), such as the one at Ge­or­ge Hos­pi­tal, are one-s­top fa­ci­li­ties that ha­ve been in­tro­du­ced as a cri­ti­cal part of South A­fri­ca’s an­ti-ra­pe stra­tegy. “It is trau­ma­tic e­nough ha­ving to go through the or­de­al of ra­pe or sexu­al as­sault,” said M­bom­bo.

“Through the T­hut­hu­ze­la cen­tres we are trying to ma­ke t­his pro­cess mo­re be­a­ra­ble. The­se ser­vi­ces al­low for victims to be tre­a­ted con­fi­den­ti­al­ly and in an en­vi­ron­ment w­he­re t­hey are sa­fe.”

T­hut­hu­ze­la cen­tres pro­vi­de spe­ci­a­li­sed victim sup­port ser­vi­ces in­ten­ded to re­du­ce the se­con­da­ry trau­ma of as­sault.

Re­port wo­man and child a­bu­se at the fol­lo­wing or­ga­ni­sa­ti­ons:

S­top Gen­der Vi­o­len­ce hel­pli­ne: 0800 150 150;

Re­port neg­lect or a­bu­se of a child: 0861 4 CHILD (24453);

SAPS: 08600 10111 or C­hild­li­ne: 0800 055 555;

Re­port any a­bu­se of child­ren and wo­men to the De­part­ment of So­ci­al De­ve­lop­ment on 0800 220 250;

Li­feLi­ne 24-hour coun­sel­ling hel­pli­ne: 021 461 1111;

P­ham­bi­li Re­fu­ge: 044 875 1551. T­his is a shel­ter for a­bu­sed wo­men and their child­ren in Ge­or­ge;

Find out mo­re a­bout sa­fe­ty ser­vi­ces for wo­men and child­ren by sen­ding an SMS with the word INFO to 35395.

He­alth staff s­how their sup­port du­ring a march in sup­port of 16 Days of Acti­vism in Ge­or­ge on Mon­day. From left are Lo­ret­ta Roelf­se, U­nit Ap­pels, An­ge­li­que Ve­za­sie, Me­la­nie Mar­thi­nus and Mol­lie Al­brecht.

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