B­re­ak­fast with Bob­by at the Gar­den Rou­te Mall

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Gar­den Rou­te Mall hos­ted a La­dies Club B­re­ak­fast s­how on Tu­es­day with ce­le­bri­ty guest ar­tist Bob­by van Jaars­veld, who en­ter­tai­ned the lo­ve­ly la­dies of Ge­or­ge and sur­roun­ding a­re­as whi­le t­hey en­joy­ed a fi­ne b­re­ak­fast. Tic­kets for his s­how we­re sold out within a day. Ac­cor­ding to the mall's mar­ke­ting ma­na­ger, Tu­mi Ma­san­go, Van Jaars­veld de­li­ver­ed an a­we­so­me s­how with so­me of his hit tracks. "So­me la­dies e­ven star­ted dan­cing and just en­joying them­sel­ves. We had o­ver 70 lucky draws and e­ach la­dy al­so re­cei­ved a ni­ce goodie bag with lots of tre­ats in­si­de," said Ma­san­go. She than­ked all the spon­sors who ca­me on bo­ard. "We look for­ward to our next La­dies Club e­vent in May 2019." Send Ma­san­go the na­me of the ce­le­bri­ty you want to see at the next La­dies Club e­vent at tu­[email protected]­den­rou­te­mall.co.za.

From left: El­zan­ne Bo­tha (Le C­reu­set sto­re ma­na­ger), Ma­rie­ka Cron­jé (win­ner), Bob­by van Jaars­veld and Tu­mi Ma­san­go (GRM mar­ke­ting ma­na­ger).

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