Le­a­ve di­sa­bi­li­ty par­king for tho­se that qua­li­fy

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S­tel­la Hey­er (77), who is li­ving with di­sa­bi­li­ty af­ter a num­ber of back o­pe­ra­ti­ons, re­que­sts that pe­op­le with no di­sa­bi­li­ty re­spect tho­se who re­al­ly are di­sa­bled by not par­king in de­sig­na­ted di­sa­bi­li­ty par­king a­re­as. Last week Hey­er had to wait for a­bout half an hour for a per­son to re­mo­ve his dou­ble-cab I­su­zu bak­kie from a di­sa­bled par­king a­rea out­si­de the mu­ni­ci­pal en­gi­neer­ing of­fi­ces in York S­treet. The Ge­or­ge Coun­cil is­su­es tem­po­ra­ry and per­ma­nent di­sa­bled par­king per­mits. A di­sa­bled par­king disc can be lin­ked to mo­re than one vehi­cle. Anyo­ne who qua­li­fies can ma­ke an ap­pli­ca­ti­on, but the form can on­ly be com­ple­ted by a me­di­cal doc­tor.

Hey­er aks that the pu­blic le­a­ve the de­sig­na­ted di­sa­bi­li­ty par­king a­re­as o­pen for tho­se who ac­tu­al­ly ha­ve a di­sa­bi­li­ty par­king disc. "P­le­a­se con­si­der us w­hen you s­top in a di­sa­bi­li­ty par­king a­rea, as I re­al­ly find it dif­fi­cult to walk and need to be c­lo­se to my des­ti­na­ti­on," she ple­ads.

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S­tel­la Hey­er says, “I ha­ve dif­fi­cul­ty wal­king and need to be c­lo­se to my des­ti­na­ti­on”.

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