Ca­ba­ret ra­kes in R28 000, hands out ge­ne­rous­ly for wel­fa­re

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T­his y­e­ar's 7th cha­ri­ty ca­ba­ret held at De Dek­ke ge­ne­ra­ted the big­ge­st do­na­ti­ons e­ver - a w­hop­ping R28 000!

On F­ri­day re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ves from three lo­cal or­ga­ni­sa­ti­ons re­cei­ved their do­na­ti­ons from or­ga­ni­ser Pe­tro Tau­te and her "mi­nis­ters of fi­nan­ce", Zel­da S­pies and Ju­lia Bui­ten­dag.

De­on Booy­sen, Hei­let­te S­chut­te and C­har­do­nay Louw of G­re­at Brak Child Wel­fa­re plan to use their R12 500 do­na­ti­on for e­mer­gen­cy re­lief, ho­li­day pro­gram­mes and food par­cels.

Ac­cor­ding to Hen­riet­te Bot­ma, the

R12 500 do­na­ted to Diep­kloof K­leu­ter­skool in Sink­sa­brug will be u­sed to­wards re­pai­ring a vehi­cle, and Bar­ry G­rey­ven­stein says Caws 4 Paws in G­re­at Brak will use their R3 000 for on­going ser­vi­ces.

P­ho­tos: Nel­ma Ruschi­o­ni

The ca­ba­ret or­ga­ni­sers han­ded o­ver R12 500 to the G­re­at Brak Child Wel­fa­re (GBCW) staff. From left are Hei­let­te S­chut­te (GBCW), Zel­da S­pies, De­on Booy­sen (GBCW), Pe­tro Tau­te, Ju­lia Bui­ten­dag and C­har­do­nay Louw (GBCW).

From left are Pe­tro Tau­te, Bar­ry G­rey­ven­stein of Caws for Paws, Hen­riet­te Bot­ma of Diep­kloof K­leu­ter­skool, Ju­lia Bui­ten­dag and Zel­da S­pies.

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