Chris­t­mas by Cand­le­lig­ht with Car­pe Mu­si­cam!

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Car­pe Mu­si­cam! pre­sents Chris­t­mas by Cand­le­lig­ht, a pro­gram­me fe­a­tu­ring en­joy­a­ble Chris­t­mas mu­sic per­for­med by o­ver 70 ent­hu­si­as­tic and skil­ful mu­si­ci­ans and sin­gers.

The e­ve­ning starts at 19:30 on Sa­tur­day 15 De­cem­ber at the Ou­te­ni­qua Trans­port Mu­seum in Ge­or­ge.

It pro­mi­ses to be a de­lig­ht­ful e­ve­ning of song, laug­h­ter and en­ter­tai­n­ment. Tic­kets are R100 and le­ar­ners at­tend f­ree of char­ge. The E­den Li­ons ki­osk and cash bar will be o­pen.

A se­lecti­on of stalls will sell han­d­crafts by Car­pe Mu­si­cam! mem­bers of­fe­ring re­a­so­na­bly pri­ced and u­ni­que i­tems that could ma­ke won­der­ful Chris­t­mas pre­sents.

Gue­sts are as­ked to bring their own com­for­ta­ble fol­ding chairs.

De­li­ci­ous boe­re­wors rolls will be on sa­le and plat­ters for two can be or­de­red in ad­van­ce from Bar­ba­ra of E­den Li­ons on 072 699 4180. Ma­ke use of the Chris­t­mas tic­ket spe­ci­al of three tic­kets for the pri­ce of two (R200) if pre-book­ed on or be­fo­re 10 De­cem­ber.

Ge­or­ge's very own ho­me­gro­wn o­pe­ra­tic te­nor, Vol­di Ge­or­ge, will be per­for­ming with Car­pe Mu­si­cam!.

The au­dien­ce can look for­ward to he­a­ring his ren­di­ti­on of Ge­or­ge Bi­zet's Ag­nus Dei from the se­cond l'Ar­lé­sien­ne Sui­te, as well as a very spe­ci­al ver­si­on of A­dolphe A­dam's O, Ho­ly Nig­ht for te­nor, choir and or­ches­tra. The­re are lo­ads mo­re won­der­ful i­tems on the pro­gram­me. The au­dien­ce will ha­ve ma­ny op­por­tu­ni­ties to sing al­ong, with Vol­di le­a­ding the au­dien­ce par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on du­ring O co­me all ye fait­hful and Hark, the he­rald an­gels sing.

The youn­ge­st mem­bers of the or­ches­tra and choir will band to­get­her for the first two ver­ses of A­way in a man­ger for a lump in the thro­at mo­ment.

The Ca­rol of the bells and O co­me, o co­me, Im­ma­nu­el ha­ve been gi­ven a Car­pe Mu­si­cam! work-o­ver in­to a sin­gle e­vo­ca­ti­ve and rou­sing pie­ce, so­mew­hat re­mi­nis­cent of Re­gi­na mun­di from Carl Orff ’s Car­mi­na Bu­ra­na.

For mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on, send an e-mail to c­mu­si­[email protected] or p­ho­ne 082 229 6779.

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