New ho­me: re­a­dy, ste­a­dy, go!

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S­tifler is a dar­ling. He is good with ot­her dogs, friend­ly and lo­ving to­wards pe­op­le – the per­fect boer­boel. He will not want to be an out­si­de dog, but part of a fa­mi­ly.

Co­co is a g­re­at dog, well be­ha­ved, play­ful, li­kes ot­her dogs, and al­ways up for a good cudd­le. He lo­ves hu­man at­ten­ti­on and is e­a­ger to p­le­a­se. Big e­nough to count but s­mall e­nough to fit in a­ny­w­he­re.

Ge­sig­gie is li­ve­ly, play­ful, friend­ly with ot­her dogs and en­joys hu­man at­ten­ti­on. She is well be­ha­ved on the le­ad.

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