Wind tes­ts skills and bo­at hand­ling

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The chan­ging wind con­di­ti­ons de­man­ded tacti­cal sai­ling and was a test of bo­at hand­ling du­ring Sun­day's ra­cing at the Ge­or­ge La­kes Yacht Club.

The ju­ni­or fleet was sai­ling the first set of ra­ces for the De K­lerk Trop­hy and the se­ni­or fleet li­ke­wi­se for the Wood­wi­se Trop­hy.

Throug­hout ra­ce one Ky­le Koe­ries and JP Buys kept the pres­su­re on the Op­ti­mis­ts of T­ho­mas La­wa and Con­rad Holm. La­wa succee­ded in cros­sing the fi­nis­hing li­ne a scant three se­conds a­he­ad of Holm, with Koe­ries a mi­nu­te be­hind.

In the lig­h­ter con­di­ti­ons of the se­cond ra­ce Holm ma­na­ged to o­pen up a s­mall le­ad o­ver the rest with La­wa and Koe­ries c­lo­se be­hind.

In the se­ni­or fleet the Dart 18 of Hans Del­port ma­de good use of the bet­ter wind strength and got well a­he­ad of most of the fleet. His clo­sest com­pe­ti­tor was the La­ser of Ge­or­gou Di­va­ris, who had the best start to es­ta­blish an e­ar­ly le­ad and ex­ten­ding it to o­ver two mi­nu­tes a­he­ad of the si­mi­lar bo­at of Mal­colm Os­bor­ne. Mau­rits Lam­mers was the se­cond La­ser for the first half of the ra­ce be­fo­re being o­ver­ta­ken and he fi­nis­hed just a­he­ad of E­ve­lyn Os­bor­ne.

In the lig­h­ter con­di­ti­ons of the se­cond ra­ce the Del­port Dart wa­sn't a­ble to keep a­he­ad of the Di­va­ris La­ser, but the­se two a­gain had a com­for­ta­ble le­ad a­he­ad of the fleet. Mal­colm Os­bor­ne se­cu­red se­cond pla­ce a­gain. Lam­mers was in thi­rd pla­ce for most of the ra­ce but was pas­sed by E­ve­lyn Os­bor­ne ne­ar the fi­nish.

For the De K­lerk Trop­hy, Holm and La­wa are tied on points for the le­ad, going in­to the fi­nals sche­du­led for Fe­bru­a­ry. Whi­le Ge­or­gou Di­va­ris was the cle­ar win­ner on bo­at han­di­cap of both ra­ces in the se­ni­or fleet, the Wood­wi­se se­ries is sco­red on skip­per ra­tings.

On t­his ba­sis, Mat­thew de Vil­liers was the win­ner of the first ra­ce and Mal­colm Os­bor­ne won ra­ce two.

For mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on a­bout Ge­or­ge La­kes Yacht Club, see its web­si­te, or li­ke its Fa­ce­book pa­ge, GLYC.

Herb P­hil­lips and Tom Bar­ry sai­led the first ra­ce on their GP14.

P­ho­tos: C­har­les Nor­man

Mat­thew de Vil­liers on a Da­bchick, roun­ding the first mark a­he­ad of the La­ser of E­ve­lyn Os­bor­ne du­ring Sun­day’s ra­cing at the Ge­or­ge La­kes Yacht Club.

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