‘Tis the se­a­son for ZERO TOLERANCE

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The Gar­den Rou­te dis­trict laun­ched its fes­ti­ve se­a­son ro­ad sa­fe­ty cam­paign on Mon­day with a ro­ad­block on the N2 ne­ar the Gar­den Rou­te Mall.

T­he­re will be ab­so­lu­te­ly zero tolerance for un­la­w­ful ro­ad u­sers this se­a­son. This was the cle­ar mes­sa­ge pro­jected by the re­gi­o­nal di­rec­tor of the N2 re­gi­on, Nat­han A­rend­se, in his key­no­te ad­dress at the launch the Gar­den Rou­te dis­trict's fes­ti­ve se­a­son cam­paign.

Pro­vin­ci­al traf­fic of­fi­cers, joi­ned by mem­bers of the lo­cal traf­fic de­part­ment, po­li­ce and Me­tro am­bu­lan­ce ser­vi­ces, laun­ched this in­te­gra­ted cam­paign for the fes­ti­ve se­a­son on the N2 be­t­ween the Gar­den Rou­te Mall and E­den Pla­ce (old Ra­der­ma­cher's buil­ding) on Mon­day mor­ning, 10 De­cem­ber.

Du­ring this o­pe­ra­ti­on 230 vehi­cles we­re in­spected, 15 sus­pen­ded and 30 fi­nes is­su­ed.

Ac­cor­ding to A­rend­se mo­re than 400 ad­di­ti­o­nal pro­vin­ci­al traf­fic of­fi­cers will be de­ploy­ed and 15 new, ful­ly e­quip­ped vehi­cles ha­ve been re­le­a­sed for the Sout­hern Cape.

Pro­vin­ci­al traf­fic chief, Quin­ton Wil­li­ams, told the Ge­or­ge He­rald that this se­a­son t­hey too will ha­ve a zero tolerance ap­pro­ach to­wards any of­fen­der on the Sout­hern

Cape ro­ads. "We can­not and will not al­low mo­to­ris­ts who bre­ak the ru­les to in­con­ve­nien­ce and en­dan­ger ot­her ro­ad u­sers. No one should be kil­led or in­ju­red on our ro­ads. Be­si­des con­cen­tra­ting on speeding dri­vers, dri­ver fa­ti­gue, se­at belt usa­ge and cel­lp­ho­ne use, we will be con­ducting rand­om bre­ath tes­ting as well," he said.

In a press re­le­a­se sent out last week Jan­dré Bak­ker, he­ad of com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons of the De­part­ment of Trans­port and Pu­blic Works, said that pro­vin­ci­al traf­fic ser­vi­ces will con­ti­nue to work clo­se­ly with the po­li­ce, mu­ni­ci­pal traf­fic ser­vi­ces and ot­her ro­ad sa­fe­ty a­gen­cies this ho­li­day se­a­son to ma­ke our ro­ads sa­fer for re­si­dents and vi­si­tors. The plans in­clu­de on­going rand­om bre­ath tes­ting and al­co­hol o­pe­ra­ti­ons with the aim of streng­the­ning their #BoozeF­reeRo­ads ef­forts on pro­vin­ci­al ro­ads.

P­ho­to: K­ris­ty Kol­berg

See mo­re pho­tos and a vi­deo at www.ge­or­ge­he­rald.com Du­ring Mon­day’s o­pe­ra­ti­on 230 vehi­cles we­re in­spected, 15 sus­pen­ded and 30 fi­nes we­re is­su­ed.

Pro­per vehi­cle in­specti­ons we­re do­ne du­ring the ro­ad­block.

Pho­tos: K­ris­ty Kol­berg

Ce­drick Yanto­lo (Me­tro EMS) e­ven did b­lood pres­su­re checks on mo­to­ris­ts du­ring the ro­ad­block on Mon­day. Ge­or­ge re­si­dent An­ja Bo­tha was hap­py to play al­ong.

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