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Ke­a­nan Ca­va­nagh, a South A­fri­can kick­box­ing cham­pi­on from P­re­to­ria, told Park­de­ne Pri­ma­ry school le­ar­ners that he was bul­lied in pri­ma­ry school. "I took a de­ci­si­on that I was going to do so­mething a­bout w­hat was hap­pe­ning to me and took up a mar­ti­al art." Ca­va­nagh was spea­king at an an­ti-bul­lying cam­paign held by the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty's De­part­ment of Gen­der and Di­sa­bi­li­ty in Park­de­ne on Mon­day 10 De­cem­ber. Ca­va­nagh said as he was trai­ning and gro­wing stron­ger he le­ar­ned to keep his cool and turn the ot­her cheek w­hen con­fron­ted. "It wa­sn't e­a­sy but it can be do­ne." Cl­lr Se­an Sny­man and the he­ad of the SA Sports Le­a­gue, Se­an Nor­ris, ad­dres­sed the le­ar­ners with one mes­sa­ge ad­dres­sing bul­lying is a pri­o­ri­ty.

The or­ga­ni­ser of the e­vent, E­jus­t­ley Bos­hoff-Lan­ders, said the coun­cil will tackle the bul­lying scour­ge in schools in the new y­e­ar.

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Ro­le play­ers at the an­ti-bul­lying cam­paign. Front, from left: Mi­li­se Blaauw, E­jus­t­ley Bos­hof­fLan­ders (or­ga­ni­ser), Ag­nes Mn­tu­wen­da, No­zip­ho S­to­ne and Si­mo­ne van Ton­der. Back: kick­boxers Ke­a­gan Ro­we and Josh Nor­ris, Cl­lr Se­an Sny­man, kick­boxers Ke­a­nan Ca­va­nagh and C­hay­se Nor­ris, and Se­an Nor­ris of the SA Sports Le­a­gue.

Four of South A­fri­ca’s kick­box­ing cham­pi­ons we­re at the an­ti-bul­lying ses­si­on. From left:Ke­a­gan Ro­we and Ke­a­nan Ca­va­nagh from P­re­to­ria, with Josh and C­hay­se Nor­ris from Ge­or­ge.

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