Man­ho­les tem­po­ra­ri­ly co­ve­r­ed du­ring ro­ad works

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Ge­or­ge Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty com­ments on clo­sed-up man­ho­les:

With re­fe­ren­ce to the ar­ti­cle, “Plaas­li­ke be­sig­he­de vir dae son­der Tel­kom-foon­ly­ne” (Ge­or­ge He­rald, 6 De­cem­ber), the Ge­or­ge Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty would he­re­with li­ke to cor­rect in­accu­ra­te com­ments ma­de by Mr Far­rell, chai­r­per­son of Ge­or­ge Bu­si­ness C­ham­ber. The Ge­or­ge Ci­vil En­gi­neer­ing Ser­vi­ces de­part­ment is cur­rent­ly in pro­gress with GIPTN ro­ad up­gra­des to Cour­te­nay S­treet, a­mongst ot­hers. Un­for­tu­na­te­ly, t­he­re are of­ten man­ho­les si­tu­a­ted in the ro­ad­way, and a­chie­ving a fi­nal smooth ro­ad sur­fa­ce is chal­len­ging if t­he­re are ob­sta­cles.

In or­der to en­s­u­re that the fi­nal ro­ad sur­fa­ce is smooth and e­ven, all man­ho­les are tem­po­ra­ri­ly co­ve­r­ed du­ring the pla­cing of the fi­nal pre­mix lay­er. Be­fo­re this is do­ne, the po­si­ti­on of e­ach man­ho­le is re­cor­ded with the re­le­vant GPS coor­di­na­tes. The man­ho­les are then re-o­pe­ned on­ce the ro­ad has been sur­fa­ced, by saw-cut­ting out the shape of the man­ho­le lid/co­ver. The lid/co­ver is then lif­ted to the fi­nal ro­ad pre­mix le­vel, to pro­vi­de a flush fit.

With re­fe­ren­ce to Tel­kom man­ho­les, Tel­kom has ex­is­ting way­le­a­ve per­mis­si­on to work/o­pen any of their in­fra­struc­tu­re.

In this in­stan­ce, no com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on was re­cei­ved by the Ci­vil En­gi­neer­ing De­part­ment from Tel­kom to re­quest that the se­a­led man­ho­le/s be o­pe­ned. As soon as the de­part­ment was ma­de a­wa­re of the pro­blem, via the Bu­si­ness C­ham­ber, the mat­ter was re­sol­ved within a few hours.

This is an un­for­tu­na­te and un­ne­ces­sa­ry in­ci­dent, and the de­part­ment can as­su­re the com­mu­ni­ty that no ser­vi­ce will be in­ter­rup­ted if it is at all pos­si­ble to a­void.

Tel­kom has not yet re­spon­ded to que­ries from the news­pa­per sent out last week.

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