An ex­am­ple should be ma­de of pit bull star­vers

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De­si­ree Ca­litz:

I was so shoc­ked and up­set af­ter re­a­ding a­bout the pit bull which was left to die in a wo­man’s back y­ard whi­le she was a­way for TWO MONT­HS, that I could hard­ly eat my sup­per.

It is up­set­ting e­nough to re­ad a­bout li­ves­tock and wild a­ni­mals which are star­ving in the droug­ht-stric­ken a­re­as of South A­fri­ca.

But to de­li­be­ra­te­ly al­low an a­ni­mal to star­ve for w­ha­te­ver re­a­son is, to say the le­ast, shocking!

W­hat kind of hu­man being le­a­ves a chai­ned dog to star­ve in her back y­ard with the fee­ble ex­cu­se “she knew no one to ask to feed the dog”.

She should be na­med, shamed and loc­ked up for a­ni­mal cru­el­ty.

(As should the per­son who was fee­ding the ot­her dog in the sa­me back y­ard but re­fu­sed to feed the pit bull.)

If the Pa­calts­dorp po­li­ce sta­ti­on re­gards a­ni­mal cru­el­ty as too pet­ty to fol­low up, t­hey must think a­gain.

How we tre­at a­ni­mals is a su­re in­di­ca­ti­on of our le­vel of so­ci­al a­wa­re­ness in ge­ne­ral.

Any­bo­dy who sub­jects a­ni­mals to cru­el­ty and mistre­at­ment is ca­pa­ble of doing the sa­me to vul­ne­ra­ble child­ren and old pe­op­le.

An ex­am­ple should be ma­de of this wo­man - to such an ex­tent that it will de­ter ot­hers from doing the sa­me!

She should not be al­lo­wed to get a­way with this!

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