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Har­vey Wor­ld Tra­vel Ge­or­ge, Knys­na and Oudts­hoorn in­vi­tes all bri­des of the Sout­hern Cape to en­ter their po­pu­lar B­ri­dal Com­pe­ti­ti­on. E­ach month a bri­de is cho­sen who will be one of the twel­ve fi­na­lis­ts for the Har­vey Wor­ld Tra­vel Ge­or­ge, Knys­na and Oudts­hoorn Bri­de of the Y­e­ar 2018 Com­pe­ti­ti­on.

E­ach Bri­de of the Month re­cei­ves a me­al vou­cher at the po­pu­lar Sa­li­nas Re­stau­rant in Wil­der­ness to the va­lue of R100, a 60-mi­nu­te spa pe­di­cu­re at the Beau­ty Sa­lon in Ge­or­ge to the va­lue of R220, a R100-me­al vou­cher at the beau­ti­ful I­ta­li­an re­stau­rant Po­mo­doro in Wil­der­ness, ren­tal of an e­ve­ning dress / suit for one nig­ht from B­ri­dal Inn to the va­lue of R400 as well as lunch at tren­dy Tra­vel Bugs Tra­vel Café and Gar­den in Ge­or­ge to the va­lue of R80.

The Bri­de of the Y­e­ar 2018 will re­cei­ve a fi­ve-nig­ht stay, in­clu­ding bre­ak­fast, for two a­dults sharing at any Ci­ty Lod­ge Ho­tel in Sout­hern A­fri­ca; two re­turn e­co­nomy class air tic­kets on ku­lu­la.com on any of their do­mes­tic ser­vi­ces as well as a R200 me­al vou­cher at Sa­li­nas Re­stau­rant in Wil­der­ness. (Da­tes sub­ject to a­vai­la­bi­li­ty in the se­lected re­sorts and on the ai­r­li­ne.) A full-length and a c­lo­se-up pho­to­graph of the bri­de are to be sub­mit­ted. The com­pe­ti­ti­on is free and en­try forms are a­vai­la­ble at the Har­vey Wor­ld Tra­vel of­fi­ces in Ge­or­ge and Oudts­hoorn as well as the Ge­or­ge He­rald of­fi­ce in York S­treet, Ge­or­ge. P­le­a­se re­mem­ber that you ha­ve to be li­ving in the Sout­hern Cape to qua­li­fy for this com­pe­ti­ti­on. For mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on con­tact Ma­ri­ta on 044 874 6930 or e-mail your pho­to­grap­hs and en­try form to lin­[email protected]­ve­y­wor­ld­sa.co.za.

Terms and con­di­ti­ons ap­ply.

P­ho­to: El­mi­ne Bo­tha

No­vem­ber win­ner: He­lené-Marí de S­wardt and Mau­ritz du P­les­sis we­re mar­ried at E­den Pla­ce on 22 Sep­tem­ber.

P­ho­to: Pe­ter C­han

Ray-An­ne Wil­li­ams mar­ried Hy­ron S­try­dom at I­li­tha Lod­ge on 1 Sep­tem­ber. Ray-An­ne is one of the first en­tries for De­cem­ber.

3 March. P­ho­to: EonMe­dia

A­nushchké de S­wardt and S­haun S­mith said “I do” at Col­ne­ra on

Fo­to: Pe­ter C­han

Die prag­ti­ge Lien­tjie Ha­ne­kom het op 20 Ok­to­ber met Ja­c­ques Ha­ne­kom by die Ou­baai Ho­tel ge­trou.

Fo­to: Her­man Pie­ters

Li­sa Bos­hoff en I­zak Louw het hul trou­be­lof­tes by Op­pie Plaas op 20 Ok­to­ber af­ge­lê.

Lo­jan­die Mey­er en Ja­de Ba­den­horst het op 11 Au­gus­tus ge­trou. Fo­to: El­mi­ne Bo­tha

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