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The Ou­te­ni­qua Trails Se­arch and Res­cue te­am con­ducted a sce­na­rio-ba­sed trai­ning exe­r­ci­se on Tu­es­day 11 De­cem­ber to test their re­a­di­ness for the fes­ti­ve se­a­son.

The te­am that con­sis­ts of vo­lun­teers, main­ly lo­cal athle­tes and trail run­ners, is a di­vi­si­on of E­mer­gen­cy Di­sas­ter Re­spon­se (EDR) In­ter­na­ti­o­nal. T­hey are a Ge­or­ge-ba­sed non-pro­fit di­sas­ter risk re­ducti­on and re­spon­se a­gen­cy that o­pe­ra­tes in­ter­na­ti­o­nal­ly.

Ac­cor­ding to Gee Swart, EDR's di­rec­tor, a sce­na­rio was cre­a­ted w­he­re the te­am was in­for­med that a cou­ple's re­turn from their hi­ke to Cra­dock peak was fi­ve hours o­ver­due. A se­arch grid was dra­wn up ba­sed on their last kno­wn lo­ca­ti­on and w­he­re their ve­hi­cle was par­ked.

"Our te­am was di­vi­ded in­to four smal­ler te­ams who we­re e­ach al­lo­ca­ted a rou­te to cle­ar as t­hey ma­de their way up the moun­tain. The first te­am lo­ca­ted the mis­sing par­ty in less than 50 mi­nu­tes and as­ses­sed them for in­ju­ries. One of the 'pa­tients', who was 'in­ju­red', was ten­ded to, af­ter which he was car­ried out of the ra­vi­ne to the ne­a­rest access point w­he­re he could be lo­a­ded in­to an am­bu­lan­ce," said Swart.

He said that all the par­ti­ci­pants sho­wed a­ma­zing te­am­work and pro­vi­ded the cor­rect first-aid.

"T­hey took all nee­ded sa­fe­ty me­a­su­res to en­s­u­re that both t­hey and their pa­tients we­re sa­fe as t­hey ex­trac­ted him o­ver 3km o­ver tre­a­che­rous ter­rain."

He con­g­ra­tu­la­ted the te­am on their "text­book res­cue" and al­so than­ked lo­cal pho­to­grap­her Dei­dré Cloe­te for joi­ning them and cap­tu­ring the sce­na­rio so well.

Find out mo­re a­bout Ou­te­ni­qua Trails Se­arch & Res­cue and EDR In­ter­na­ti­o­nal on Fa­ce­book or call 083 395 9393.

The res­cue te­am ta­king their ‘pa­tient’ to sa­fe­ty.

P­ho­tos: Dei­dré Cloe­te

An­ne­ma­rie Cron­jé, T­hea-Ma­ri van der Sandt, Mur­ray Reid, Hen­ry Hill, Marc Wier­z­ba, Gee Swart, De­on G­reen­wood, S­haun S­cho­field and Ta­nya Os­bor­ne in the moun­tain du­ring the trai­ning ex­cer­ci­se.

Grant C­hap­man was the ‘pa­tient’ in the exe­r­ci­se.

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