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A­li­da de Beer

A­group of vi­si­ting mo­del train ent­hu­si­as­ts held an exhi­bi­ti­on at the Trans­port Mu­seum in Ge­or­ge at the long wee­kend, sho­w­ca­sing their grand col­lecti­ons of tiny trains to ap­pre­ci­a­ti­ve vi­si­tors. Their exhi­bi­ti­on was ai­med at rai­sing a­wa­re­ness of the mu­seum and pro­mo­te the hob­by. The mu­seum for­med the per­fect back­drop for the two se­pa­ra­te li­ve tracks that t­hey put up, the big­ge­st me­a­su­ring an im­pres­si­ve 22m x 6m and pro­vi­ding 150m of rail. The trains are du­pli­ca­tes of the re­al thing, rig­ht do­wn to the smal­le­st de­tail, com­ple­te with true-to-li­fe sounds. S­te­am lo­co­mo­ti­ves puf­fing s­te­am and e­lec­tri­cal en­gi­nes rus­hing by with their long li­nes of pas­sen­ger and goods car­ria­ges ma­de for so­me fas­ci­na­ting vie­wing for child­ren and a­dults a­li­ke.

The exhi­bi­tors we­re from as far as Dur­ban, Ca­pe To­wn and P­re­to­ria. So­me ha­ve been mo­del­ling for 40-odd y­e­ars.

"We want to pro­mo­te the hob­by and would li­ke to get mo­re young­sters in­te­rested, al­so in the buil­ding of the mo­del trains," said Mi­ke Lep­pan, who broug­ht his col­lecti­on all the way from Ca­pe To­wn.

Ac­cor­ding to Da­vid Cairns from Dur­ban, in­te­rest in the hob­by is not dwind­ling, but it has be­co­me a mo­re a­dult hob­by than in the past.

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See a vi­deo at­or­ge­he­rald.comThe four exhi­bi­tors who shared their pre­ci­ous mo­del train col­lecti­ons for vie­wing at the Trans­port Mu­seum, from left: Ca­rel Jan­se van Rens­burg and Wil­lie Fou­rie, both from P­re­to­ria, Da­vid Cairns from Dur­ban and Mi­ke Lep­pan from Ca­pe To­wn.

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