Child sa­fe­ty pro­mo­ted on be­ach

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Ge­or­ge Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty in as­so­ci­a­ti­on with We­stern Ca­pe Go­vern­ment is ma­king arm bands a­vai­la­ble to pa­rents and guar­di­ans on be­a­ches a­round the mu­ni­ci­pal a­rea. EPWP (The Ex­pan­ded Pu­blic Works Pro­gram­me) and Chrys­a­lis A­ca­de­my in­terns we­re at Vic­to­ria Bay on Mon­day tag­ging the child­ren with the bands. The bands ha­ve spa­ce for a na­me and pho­ne num­ber, in the e­vent of an e­mer­gen­cy or a child get­ting lost in the cro­wds. If you can­not find the of­fi­ci­als who are han­ding out the tags, ple­a­se ask the li­fe­guards to point you in the rig­ht di­recti­on.

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