At last, Zu­ma must pay!

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C­liff Bu­chler, Ge­or­ge:

At last! Ja­cob Zu­ma has to fork out the mo­ney he fil­ched from us tax­pay­ers. It's been a long ti­me co­ming for the law to ta­ke its cour­se. But be­fo­re we ce­le­bra­te the oc­ca­si­on, let's not f­or­get the main is­sue of cor­rup­ti­on char­ges a­gainst him that led to this al­most e­poch-ma­king de­ci­si­on.

The man who was be­hind sta­te cap­tu­re that was the do­wn­fall of a na­ti­on re­mains a free man to walk the streets, still strut­ting his stuff with his gul­li­ble ad­he­rents, in­clu­ding men of the cloth. He re­fu­ses to ackno­w­led­ge his guilt in sel­ling the soul of the ANC and its poor­er of the poor fol­lo­wers who be­lie­ved t­hey we­re bet­ter off than un­der the op­pres­si­on of the e­vil a­part­heid era. The Zu­ma vi­rus has in­fil­tra­ted e­very go­vern­men­tal in­sti­tu­ti­on, lo­cal, pro­vin­ci­al and na­ti­o­nal. La­test fi­gu­res re­veal that on­ly se­ven per­cent of mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ties are pro­per­ly run. No won­der towns throug­hout the coun­try ha­ve be­co­me dir­ty and run-do­wn ho­vels. On­going pro­tes­ts a­gainst non-ex­is­tent ser­vi­ces are p­roof e­nough. Ja­cob Zu­ma de­ser­ves to be ta­ken out of a so­cie­ty that longs for the ful­fil­ment of the pro­mi­sed sa­fe­ty, pe­a­ce and pro­spe­ri­ty of a rain­bow na­ti­on. That's how to tre­at trai­tors.

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