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Bon­ny B­rink La­wren­ce, so­ci­al en­tre­pre­neur and glo­bal chan­ge a­gent, Ge­or­ge:

#Bold Acti­on - P­ha­se Two: De­cem­ber is ap­pro­pri­a­te for us as in­di­vi­du­al ci­ti­zens, bu­si­ness o­w­ners, pro­fes­si­o­nals and so­ci­al en­tre­pre­neurs of Ge­or­ge to re­flect in depth on 2018. We need e­co­no­mic cla­ri­ty and a­wa­re­ness a­bout our ci­ty mo­re ho­lis­ti­cal­ly.

We are com­pel­led as ci­ti­zens to ma­ke in­for­med choi­ces to se­ri­ous­ly re­view, re­flect, and re­po­si­ti­on our stan­ce for 2019 and beyond, gi­ven our cur­rent si­tu­a­ti­ons.

We are con­stant­ly fa­ced with the re­a­li­ties of so­me hor­ren­dous li­ving con­di­ti­ons and cri­me chal­len­ges our pe­op­le ge­ne­ral­ly, es­pe­ci­al­ly in po­ver­ty-stric­ken lo­ca­ti­ons, ex­pe­rien­ce dai­ly, such as bad mu­ni­ci­pal ser­vi­ces, hun­ger, se­wa­ge pro­blems, wa­ter da­ma­ged hou­ses, bad sta­te of ro­ads and the list g­oes on.

In a lo­cal news­pa­per re­cent­ly, a sta­te­ment was ma­de of a high per­cen­ta­ge of un­derspent bud­gets.

That's impossible, w­hen fun­ding is so des­pe­ra­te­ly re­qui­red to ser­vi­ce the di­re, im­men­se­ly gre­at needs. Our coun­try's po­li­ti­cal si­tu­a­ti­on is un­for­tu­na­te­ly w­hat it is, pe­ri­od!

A­cross the spectrum.

As pat­he­tic as it is, the "W­hat's in it for me" syn­dro­me (WIIFMS) mind­set re­mains the con­stant.

Dis­rup­ti­ve in­ter­ven­ti­ons are im­pe­ra­ti­ve. The­se man­da­to­ry mu­ni­ci­pal ac­coun­ta­bi­li­ty fac­tors are do­cu­men­ted in the Au­di­tor Ge­ne­ral SA me­dia re­le­a­se (on­li­ne - May 2018). We share so­me of our com­mu­ni­ty in­clu­si­ve fe­a­tu­res "from the he­art" com­ments with you:

"Dis hoog tyd dat die in­wo­ners met in­te­gri­teit van Ge­or­ge saam staan.

Hier­die on­reg­ma­ti­ge ig­no­re­ring van die des­pe­ra­te nood van ons min­der­be­voor­eg­de ge­meen­skap­pe en kor­rup­sie moet be­veg word."

"E­vi­den­ti­al ir­re­gu­la­ri­ties are ex­po­sed wit­hout con­se­quen­ces and cor­rupt le­a­ders re­main in their pos­ts."

"Ha­wks are cal­led in to in­ves­ti­ga­te, frau­du­lent acti­vi­ties high­lig­h­ted, with no ar­res­ts ma­de."

As Ge­or­ge Ci­ti­zens, we're em­bar­king on a simple pro­cess: "The Art of T­hin­king C­le­ar­ly" to cre­a­te our rig­ht­ful in­clu­si­ve va­lue.

Re­cog­ni­sing our com­mu­ni­ty stalwarts: We're al­so proud to re­spect­ful­ly ackno­w­led­ge tho­se com­mu­ni­ty le­a­ders who are e­thi­cal and wil­ling to stand a­gainst the for­ces of cor­rupt acti­vi­ties wit­hout com­pro­mi­se.

T­hey're ho­nest, de­pen­da­ble, ha­ve dig­ni­ty and te­na­ci­ty. The­se are the le­a­ders who eat last. A­gainst all odds, wit­hout ex­pecting any ac­co­la­des.

For mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on and com­ments a­bout 2019 da­tes for well-struc­tu­red con­ver­sa­ti­ons and de­bates, ple­a­se con­tact me at bon­ny­[email protected] or 082 732 5707.


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